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Our Barcela Plus Cement Tile is an addition to Barcela. We have taken a group of amazing patterns and created and array of eclectic items too tempting to be resisted! We all know the story that “cement is to concrete as flour is to bread”. So perhaps these are really more properly called “concrete tiles”. However, the legacy nomenclature of “cement tiles” is the prevailing lingua francaand that is good enough for us and we will leave that Socratic debate alone for now! The Barcela Plus is;

  • Available in 8×8 color blends
  • Suitable for interior residential & commercial wall or floor applications
  • Slip resistant in certain settings.
  • Stocked

Please visit a few of our unique stone collections. These include: Ivory Vein Cut TravertineWalnut Dark TravertineSeashell Stone Tile, and Leathered Stone.