Basalt tiles is a volcanic rock mined in some regions of China, the United States, Mexico, and Italy. Basalt tiles come mostly in gray colors, with light and dark hues. First quality basalt tiles require a uniform background and clarity. They should be very clear in color and selection and should not have sizeable mineral deposits. They have a relatively high absorption rate and used in intermittent wet areas. We don't recommend using these tiles in submerged areas. However, these tiles or slabs are functional and practical flooring material. Basalt tiles and mosaics come in various shapes of Mosaics such as penny round mosaics, straight mosaics, and 2 x 2 mosaics.

Basalt looks good in many textured finishes, such as flamed and sandblasted. Texture finish surface gives a practical use for demanding applications. Good quality tiles must be uniform in color and precise in size. If you need to cover fireplaces, tub decks with longer pieces of basalt, a fabricator can slab to give a uniform look.

Basalt tiles may require an extra coat of sealing. They have a high absorption rate, and you may need to pass multiple layers of tile sealers on them.

How to install Basalt tiles:

You can install Basalt tiles like any other natural stone. Like most natural stones, you should lay all the tiles before installation, chose, and sort the pieces you like. Natural stone has color variation, and some tiles may have veins, spots, lighter and darker color concentrations. We recommend using the most desirable pieces in your primary tiling areas and use less desirable parts for cuts.

An excellent thin-set such as Ardex, Mapei, or Laticrete should be used in addition to an excellent underlying membrane-like Schluter. An excellent thin-set will act as a moisture barrier and will provide a good bond between your subfloor and your tile. We recommend leaving a minimal grout joint like 1/8" of an inch so that tiles will have some space for movement.

What are the best finishes for Basalt Tiles:

Honed is the most common surface availability for this stone. Other finishes include textured tiles, sandblasted tiles, and bushhammered tiles. More textured tiles will require less care, and you can use them in high traffic areas like outdoor patios, or walkways. More refined finished, like honed, should only be installed in interior applications.

How to Care for Basalt Tiles:

We recommend cleaning your tiles after installation and seal them periodically. You may want to apply several coats of a good sealer.

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