Care & Maintenance

Most of our glazed wall tiles do not require sealing. Crackled or crazed glazes should be treated with a penetrating sealer prior to GROUTING to prevent STAINING. Periodic resealing is a necessary maintenance procedure for crazed glazes in wet areas such as showers.
Glazed CERAMIC TILE generally requires little care beyond regular cleaning with gentle soap that contains no acids and a soft cloth. We recommend avoiding the use of cleaners that contain phosphoric acids or glycolic acids that may cause etching and damage to glazes.

Glossy glass tiles require simple regular cleaning with products designed for glass. Use a soft lint free cloth for cleaning and polishing. Never use abrasive cleaners or pads on matte or glossy glass tiles.
Sanded or matte glass must be thoroughly degreased and cleaned with denatured alcohol using a soft lint-free cloth. Murphy’s oil soap can be used to restore the LUSTER on our sanded or matte surfaces.

Most of our glazed tiles are fairly maintenance free and require only a regular cleaning schedule. Most cleaning can be done with just an ACID free detergent, soft cloth and clean water. Frequent changing of the water will prevent dirty mop water build up in textured areas of the glaze and the GROUT lines.

Our terra cotta tiles should always be sealed prior to GROUTING. Re-sealing is required on a routine basis as a part of maintenance.
Regular mopping with Stone Soap will help to maintain the LUSTER and PATINA. We also recommend Miracle Sealants Terra Cotta Liquid Wax for maintenance and colour enhancement.

To protect stone floors, walls and counters, we recommend using a penetrating sealer such as Miraseal 511. Care must be taken to avoid cleaning natural stone with harsh or abrasive cleaners, especially those that contain phosphoric ACID or glycolic acids. Be aware that acidic materials such as vinegar, and lemon juice can etch some stone surfaces such as some of the softer limestones. For maintenance, we recommend Mira Soap for our tumbled stones and MOSAICS and Mira Clean for brushed and honed products. Occasional deep cleaning may be required to restore and maintain the stone’s natural PATINA. Please consult with our sales staff for recommendations.


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