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Country Floors Announces 2nd Annual Tile Design Challenge!

Country Floors Announces 2nd Annual Tile Design Challenge With New York Cottages & Gardens Magazine to benefit Housing Works NYC. The 2nd Annual Tile Design Challenge will allow for New York state design students, architects and interior designers over the age of 21 the opportunity to digitally design a luxury tile kitchen or luxury tile […]

San Francisco Showroom Grand Opening

We have Exciting News! Don’t miss out! If you haven’t been to our San Francisco showroom in a while, Wednesday, February 24th is the perfect time to stop by! We will be hosting our Grand Opening of our new location and we are very excited to show case our bigger, newly renovated showroom. Stop by […]

Pairing Marble and Ceramic Tile

Pairing marble and ceramic tile is a formidable design statement when done correctly. This synergistic coupling can firstly, add more color choices from the pantheon of ceramic tile to enhance the marble. Then secondly, the marble can contribute depth, formality and general gravitas to the ceramic tile. Taken together they are greater than the mere […]

The Versailles Pattern in Stone

The Versailles Pattern in Stone allows for a design flexibility that is an enviable addition to any interior design plan. As you can see in the imagery above, the pattern is capable of producing an 18th century French elegance and an open, airy architectural style so in demand in fashion forward circles today. Also known […]

Mediterranean Patterns in Tile

All interior design plans must pay some sort of attention to a familiar set of considerations. Light, color, scale, shape, texture, pattern, client desires and much more must be addressed in one way or another. Today, let’s chat about patterns. In particular, Mediterranean patterns in tile and how you can pair them with other elements […]

White Marble in the Summer Time

This weekend brings us Fathers’s Day. By any measure, the summer season is now fully underway and with it comes the thoughts, sights, sounds and traditions that have always arrived with it. Think picnics, BBQ, baseball, golf, the beach, and perhaps for some of us an enduring memory of “fancy folk” cavorting in their “summer […]

Marble and Glass Patterns

The world of interior design cannot seem to get enough of patterning as we open 2014.The appetite appears endless for everything in pattern and shape. There are many diverse elements driving this with some of them being floral, animal, geometric and even preppy schemes. Not to be denied their place at the table are hounds […]

Ceramic Tile Patterns

  Ceramic tile has the interesting ability to create patterns in quite a few ways. For example: multiple pieces in one or many colors can be used to form the pattern.(above) a graphic pattern can exist on a single piece and then that same piece is repeated as much as space and intent allows.(below) different […]

The Honeycomb Pattern in Tile and Stone

The honeycomb pattern in tile and stone is a decidedly powerful trend. In fact, honeycomb patterns are everywhere in design and perhaps rightfully so given the innate versatility of the shape. Wallpaper patterns, shelving, light fixtures, cabinets, rugs, pillows, fabrics and more all are strutting the honeycomb. Validating this further, the very interesting bloggers at […]