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The Country Floors Chinoiserie Collection ( french for "Asianesque") is a completely bespoke ceramic collection of hand painted blossoms and birds rendered beautifully on lattice backgrounds.

Certain to conjure up past memories of vintage textile patterns donning your grandparents foyer wallpaper, formal living room drapery and luxuriously upholstered furniture!

For 36 years we have worked with this single artisan delivering individually hand painted murals inspired by a childhood surrounded by magnolia and cherry trees brought to life with the guidance of a japanese painting instructor.

Our artist will deliver the ideal interpretation of "chinoiserie" utilizing your favorite bird, blossom and lattice combination mirroring your vision and the dimensions of your space perfectly.

This is a highly customizable piece of art where no one creation is the same. Patience is required while we render your mural and begin the journey of creating your masterpiece.
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