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The Faience Collection from Country Floors illustrates the best in traditional Blue and White decorative tiles. Faience is an early historical reference to tin-glazed ceramic ware decorated with opaque colors, such as delftware and majolica. Today it is synonymous with an opaque blue painted design on a delicate white ground. This collection is handmade in southern California by a unique community of talented craftsman. Each tile is glazed; hand painted; and kiln fired.

Vintage 15th and 16th century European designs and motifs are featured. Decorative 6x6” tiles and 3x6”, 2x6” and 1x6” borders, murals and panels headline the collection. Solid field tiles in 4x4”, 5x5” and 6x6”, moldings and finishing pieces are also available for a professional installation. Choose a hand molded or vitreous clay body; rustic or classic white glaze; soft blue, delft blue or sepia color painting; and gloss or aged finish.

These tiles can be used in interior vertical installations; kitchens, backsplashes, bathrooms, powder room, tub surround, showers, feature wall, fireplace surround, wainscot applications, stair-risers. The more durable vitreous clay body should be specified for exterior installations, fountains and pool surrounds in temperate climates.

Handcrafted tiles will exhibit color, size and texture variations. Inspect all boxes prior to installation. Use a thin-set adhesive and sanded grout to install these tiles. A grout sealer or penetrating sealer is recommended to prevent the build up of mold, dirt, grime and grease in the grout joints. This is especially important for areas where moisture is a factor. Use a solution of warm water and a non-abrasive, non-alkaline cleaner such as Dawn for normal maintenance.

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