Granite is an igneous stone that typically presents a fairly coarse-grained visual appearance. Traditionally, its uses have included countertops, paving and wall covering, but is most familiar to the luxury homeowner as a kitchen top. Country Floors can furnish a large variety of modern granite slabs and tiles.

Granite tiles and slabs come from quarries in the United States, Canada, India, and Brasil.  Brasil has some of the lightest colors. Lighter color granites provide a soft feel and durable surface.

Countertops are available in a 3cm thickness format.  Thicker stone replaces thinner stone slabs, such as—3/4" material.  The majority of the materials in the market are available on the polished surface.  However,  a recent trend in interior finishes made brushed finish popular.

Tan Brown, Blue Pearl, Absolute Black, Black galaxy, Taj Mahal are some of the popular varieties.

How to install Granite countertops:

We recommend finding a  licensed fabricator who will buy the slabs from us and fabricate it for you. He has to remove your existing countertops, take measurements, and install your new tops.  Granite is tough to cut, and for that reason, we recommend a proper shop with the right equipment.

Maintaining this type of stone is extremely easy. It is one of the hardest stones there.  Particularly darker colors are tough to stain.

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