Ceramic tile has a legacy in design, art and architecture that spans the centuries of human thought, emotion and elocution. It is generally accepted that the word “ceramic” is derived from the Greek “keramos” or pottery. Therein lies the origins of the product. Today, Country Floors is an industry leader with a selection of refined modern ceramic tiles that stand apart from the crowd.


Marble is a metamorphic stone that played a key role in the classical architecture of Ancient Greece and Rome. The classical uses included flooring, paving, wall covering, architectural items and statuary. It remains as a significant element in today’s design world. Country Floors happily offers a finely tuned selection of modern marble.


Since it is composed of feldspar, clay and quartz, porcelain tile is the epitome of the low maintenance, incredibly hygienic floor. At the same time, its range of size, color and visual presentations make it a fashion forward material. Country Floors is proud of the modern porcelain collections it offers.


Limestone is a sedimentary stone that has been a part of architecture and design for thousands of years. Think of the Roman Coliseum and you have the proper picture of limestone in your mind. Now think of it in your own home. Country Floors joyfully offers a fine selection of modern limestone.


Granite is an igneous stone that typically presents a fairly coarse grained visual appearance. Traditionally, its uses have included countertops, paving and wall covering, but is most familiar to the luxury homeowner as a kitchen top.Country Floors can furnish a large variety of modern granite slabs and tiles.