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Old World

The Old World Collection from Country Floors embodies everything its name implies. It is hand crafted using old world techniques, hand painted in soft, painterly designs and finished in a rustic matte texture. Each tile is molded, glazed, stained and painted by hand. Located in Brunswick, Maine, this custom product studio encourages individual creativity in every project. Use the existing catalogue of motifs, designs and colors or work with Country Floors trained staff and the studio’s artist to create your exclusive style.

Traditional English heritage designs, chinoiserie decoration especially cherry blossoms motifs, nature motifs of leaves, flowers and petals, birds, and other wildlife are featured in this collection. Decorative and solid field tile in 1x1” to 6x6”, borders, moldings, panels and murals are available. Select from 52 established colors or specify a custom color.

This collection is best suited for interior wall applications; kitchens, backsplashes, bath, shower, tub surround, wet bar, wine room, wainscot applications, and feature walls.

Variations in color, texture, size, and painting are characteristic to the beauty of this handmade product. The tiles should be sorted and mixed to achieve a cohesive blended effect prior to the installation. During the initial installation, a penetrating sealer should be applied to each tile before and after grouting. Periodic resealing of the tiles is recommended. The sealer will maintain a natural look while subtly heightening the color and design. Use a non-abrasive, non-alkaline, non-bleaching cleaning agent such as Dawn for normal maintenance.

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