Porcelain is a trendy variety of tile that’s preferred by homeowners and business owners alike. With the advantages of durability, strength, and gorgeousness, these tiles are inherently cost-effective.  For example, factories fire dense clay at high temperatures to achieve this. Besides clay, porcelain consists of other natural materials blended and burned in a furnace.  With its non-porous nature, porcelain finds a wide variety of uses.

At Country Floors, we offer all kinds of tiles for the floors and walls of residential and commercial spaces. Sophisticated Atlas porcelain that is best suited for elegant. In addition, we can also give your house a glazed, metallic appearance with our exclusive Metallic porcelain tiles. If you wish to provide a clean and trendy look and feel to your restaurant walls, retail store, or another business area, our Metro is perfect.

Our collections:

Waterfall porcelain or Piedra Norge porcelain tiles to enhance the feel.

Trevi porcelain tiles for elegant homes and commercial, high-traffic spaces. Elegante porcelain tiles to match white interiors.

Country Wood porcelain will give your home a rustic, country look.

Ecocem porcelain will take your classy home interiors to another level with their inherent sophistication and elegance.

What makes us the go-to place for all your tiling requirements?

  • We have 55 years of experience in supplying a wide variety of tiling materials.
  • We offer all kinds of tiles for interior and exterior use, be it in residential or commercial spaces.
  • We supply tiles Worldwide.
  • We extend our support to our customers regarding any issue.
  • We never compromise on the quality of materials and maintain a high reputation in the global market.
  • We partner with leading manufacturers in the world to supply our superior-quality products.
  • We offer effective guidelines to take care of your tiles properly.
  • We keep updating our collection according to the emerging trends.

Take a look at the range of tiles we offer for homes, business areas, and large-scale commercial spaces like shopping malls, retail stores, and restaurants. Furthermore,  if you have some questions about our products, you’re free to reach us with all your relevant queries. Our experts will be more than delighted to be of help.

Let our tiles enhance the beauty of your home or business area and make others jealous of its appearance.

Porcelain tile may be described or imagined in many different ways. However, in general, the body is typically composed of kaolin clay feldspar and quartz. Although in recent years this composition has evolved. It is pressed into its shape and originally was left unglazed. In current times various glazes or pressings can then be added to the process. This shape is then fired at extremely high temperatures in a kiln which is essentially an oven. The result is a very dense of vitrified material with almost no water absorption.