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Quarry Pavers

The Quarry Paver Collection is made in Ohio and promotes the ancient art of tile making. These tiles are made from locally obtained clay and wood-fired in a slow process kiln. The kilns are as big as houses, made from brick and shaped like beehives. Since the early 20th century, this handcrafted tile making process has celebrated the inherent characteristics of naturally made tiles.

This collection features both Unglazed and Glazed paver tiles. The unglazed pavers are available in 6 earth tone colors and 4 unique textures: Un-flashed, Flashed, Iron-spot, and Flash-Blend. The glazed tiles offer full rich and soft shaded colorations in semi-gloss finishes. These tiles are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Trims, mosaics and moldings round out the collection to insure a more professional looking installation.

Quarry Pavers are durable and strong. They can be used in both vertical and horizontal installations; kitchen backsplashes, kitchen floors, counter tops, bathrooms, showers, fireplace surrounds, feature wall, wainscot applications, entry foyer. Exterior installations are possible in temperate climates only. Glazed tiles are not recommended for exterior horizontal use. Suitable for residential and commercial projects.

Inspect the tiles prior to installation. The color variations should be distributed evenly throughout the project for a natural cohesive appearance. The grout joints should be sealed during the initial installation. This will prevent any mold, dirt, grime or grease from building up in the grout. Reseal every year, preferably every 6 mo. Regular cleaning with warm water and a neutral cleaner with insure the beauty of these tiles.

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