Grey is supposedly a psychologically neutral color and is most certainly the neutral color value du jour in the world of architecture and design. Its also a color that basks in an eternal Mies-like glow for all modernists. Country Floors is pleased to provide a fine election of modern grey stone, tile, metal, and glass items.


White is hygienic, white is pure, white is neat; with all that said white is very easy to work with. What other color can be more easily used with almost any other in any scheme? The answer is probably none, so Country Floors loves its collection of modern white stone, tile, and glass items.


Using beige stone in the bathroom allows for tremendous flexibility in design. This is the neutral color value that pairs very easily with gold toned fixtures, paints in the brown/tan family plus yellow and even orange accent colors.


Color Quartz engineered stone from Country Floors offers the perfect combination of technology and nature. Composed of bits of quartz held together in an industrial grade binder, Color Quartz offers a wide range of colors with impressively low maintenance requirements. This may be the ideal material for the fiercely used kitchen.


Brown, in the eyes of the color psychologists, is a serious color value and epitomizes the “earth tone” idea. Brown will serve and design idea well as a background on which to place other elements. Country Floors is pleased to furnish a variety of modern brown stone, tile, metal, terracotta and glass items.