8 On-Trend Spa Tile Ideas for 2024

Trend spa tile ideas
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What is the Best Tile for a Spa?

Are you excited that it is almost summer? We hope you are! We also hope you are also considering making some major updates to your outdoor space. If you have the room and the budget you should transform your backyard, patio, and deck into a space that houses a new spa. If you already own a spa or pool it may be time to start thinking of ways to update your outdoor oasis to get on trend with this year’s most stunning spa tile ideas.

Whether you are new to spa ownership or have spent many summers in one, you will find an on-trend spa tile idea that will wow you. If you like bold, beautiful, blissful, or bright we have spa tile ideas for you.

If you like the idea of glass spa tile or breeze spa ceramic tile for 2024 you will not be disappointed to see them listed here. Both glass and ceramic tiles are great options for spas. Glass is incredibly beautiful and impervious to water, and stains, and stands up to high heat. Ceramic tiles are fade and frost resistant and they hold their glorious colors for years on end.


Pool with blue tiles and two chairs


What is the Best Color of Tiles for Spa?

You may have already guessed it, but the most popular color for pool tiles is blue. Blue is the most natural hue expected when it comes to water as it reminds swimmers of nature and water’s authentic quality. Think of the ocean and you will see why blue spa tiles are so tired and true. You can always select a different shade for your pool or spa if you want to have a result that stands out.

Azzurro Matte Beach Glass Mosaic 12x12

Azzurro Matte Beach Glass Mosaic

White, Blue Glossy Atten Zellige Mosaic 11 13/16x11 13/16

White, Blue Glossy Atten Zellige Mosaic


Is Spa Tile Different From Regular Tile?

Yes, spa tiles tend to be more hardwearing due to the water composition of swimming pools and spas. Pools and spas need to be treated and maintained with chemicals so the spa tile installed has to be able to withstand contact with water, sunlight, and acidic substances. Not all tiles will be pool and spa appropriate so make sure you are using that is suitable for wet conditions.

8 Tile Ideas for 2024

1. Pops of Vivid Color

Green tile pool

Pools and spas are huge attractions whether you are at home or at your favorite resort. In the summer months, there is no shortage of people looking to take a dip in the cool waters. If you want to make a splash with your spa tile, then go with a bold color. You can go with blue and still be bold, but other fun ideas are black spa tiles, pink spa tiles, and orange spa tiles. Pink and orange spa tiles in particular add a tropical element to pool and spa areas. Black spa tiles are known to keep pools 5-10 degrees cooler than lighter-colored pools.


2. Glass Tiles

Blue glass tile

Yes, glass is a phenomenal choice for pool and spa tiles. Aside from the benefits mentioned above, glass pool tile is also resistant to mold (woo-whoo!) Line your pool with luxurious glass spa tiles to get the look and function you desire. Blue glass spa tile, green glass spa tile, and glass subway spa tile are on trend for 2024. Also, you can match up terracotta and colorful glass and create your own unique outdoor design. Various suggestions are available in our outdoor terracotta tile ideas blog.


3. Detailed Water Lines

Blue tile pool with waterline

Waterlines are the most visible area of your pool, so it makes sense to place special focus on making sure the tile design is luxe. You can add extra detail to waterlines by using specialty-shaped ceramic or glass spa tile. You also decide to break the pattern of your deck at this point and give your pool a unique-eye-catching pop of color to go against the existing design. Breaking patterns and color at the waterline is both simple and effective at making the pool’s interior stand out in an impactful and strategic way.


4. Spa Tile Ideas with Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic spa tiles and chairs

Unlike the retro old-school mosaics, you’re used to seeing, the zellige tile styles for today’s pools and spas are new-age. If you choose mosaic glass spa tile you can look forward to enjoying a design featuring an intricate layer of either monochromatic or color-blended spa tiles.


5. Above Ground Water Elements

Blue pool tiles and pool fountain

Adding an elevated water feature can enhance your pool’s design. We suggest ceramic subway tiles around an elevated fountain or waterfall. Both additions can take the opulence of your spa to the next level.


6. Pool Sun Shelves

Blue tile pool and sun shelf

Solar shelving also known as sun shelves is a novel way to add more visual depth to your spa or pool. Not only do solar shelves provide more ways to enjoy your spa they also serve as prime real estate for spa tile designs. Get a luxe spa tile design tile design with patterned tile or go for a mixture of complementary colors to intrigue the eye.

Use your sun shelves to create extra space to laze on sunny days as you showcase the beauty of your pool spa tile. The way a sun shelf blends with the pool’s staircase will never get old especially when you have parties or spend days relaxing outdoors as a family. Here are some zellige ceramic tile suggestions that you can use for your sun shelves, below:


Green Glossy Midan Zellige Zellige Mosaic 11 3/4x11 3/4

Green Glossy Midan Zellige Zellige Mosaic

Gray Glossy Midan Zellige Zellige Mosaic 11 3/4x11 3/4

Gray Glossy Midan Zellige Zellige Mosaic



7. Spa Tile Ideas with Contrasting Tiles

black and white spa tiles

If you like the idea of adding color to your spa but want to take the design a step further then consider spa tiles in contrasting colors. Contrast pool and spa tiles are widely popular this year, most notably styles that resemble stripes and checkers. The stark breaks of color draw in the eye and create a fun design element that can be matched to outdoor tiles, furniture, and fixtures. Your color can contrast significantly or be very subtle. Black and white spa tile is a very trendy combo, but pairing white with earthy shades of green and blue also gets the job done.


8. Compact Pools with Simple Tiles

compact blue tile pool

While this one isn’t directly tile-related, we thought it was a spa tile idea that deserved an honorable mention. If you have just enough space for a compact pool or spa you should consider how much tile you will need. A small pool or spa such as a compact plunge style can be an awesome choice. You can get the experience of a personal spa while keeping your water usage much lower. You will also be able to adorn your spa with your choice of glass, ceramic, or stone and a fraction of the cost.


As the Country Floors team, we enjoy offering you different variations of spa tile ideas and more. Please contact us and get the best deal.

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