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Why Are Marble Mosaic Tiles the Right Choice For Your Renovation Project?

When it comes to interior design, marble mosaic tiles are the definition of stylish. Their natural luminous quality is a timeless way of brightening up a room while also adding a unique design element. Whether you go all out with a vibrant patterned green herringbone marble mosaic or keep it [...]
dark kitchen floor tile

Consider A Dark Floor Kitchen: Here Is Why

Consider A Dark Floor Kitchen: Here Is Why If you scroll through any modern design magazine you will see endless photos of beautiful kitchens with nothing but white or light-colored floors. But let's face it – not everyone loves the light aesthetic. Millions of homeowners desire the opposite [...]

Best Black Hexagon Tile Bathroom Projects You Must See

You cannot go wrong with black. Whether it's a classic pair of black shoes, or a tried and true “little black dress”, black is a shade that’s always in style. We think it's high time to talk about the classic appeal of black in interior spaces – as both a primary and complementary shade: Black [...]

20 Best Luxury Bathroom Tile Design Favorites Of The Year

When it comes to luxury bathroom tile designs, you should always find the balance between natural and stylish. The tile you ultimately choose comes down to personal preference, of course, but looking out for tile quality, material, and finish is a must. Marble tiles for bathrooms are one of [...]

Best Wood Tile Shower Ideas – Commercial & Residential Best-Sellers

Are you contemplating a bathroom upgrade? Are you looking to infuse your space with the enduring charm of wood? Look no further than Country Floors' exquisite collection of wood tile shower, wood look tile shower, and farmhouse wood tile shower ideas.In this comprehensive guide, we'll [...]

What Is Star and Cross Tile? Find Stylish Examples With Images

A tile design with a long history, star and cross tile designs are the perfect blend of traditional and chic. Their classic, charming design is perfect for anyone seeking to add an artistic flair to their interiors.Originating in Morocco, star and cross tiles are traditional, handmade [...]

20+ Striking Black and White Bathroom Tile Ideas

When it comes to bathroom tile design ideas, one of the most chic and striking options available is black and white tile designs. Bold and alluring, they instantly add a certain je ne sais quoi that's not easy to achieve.Shop our entire collection of black tiles and white tiles online, [...]

Country Floors x Modern Luxury Interiors Los Angeles | August Issue

We're pleased to share the latest coverage of Country Floors on Modern Luxury Interiors Los Angeles August issue. The Dougga Honed Limestone Mosaic Tile is featured in the publications section entitled "Elegant Escape." Dougga Honed Limestone Mosaic by Country Floors.