Handpainted Tile Ideas For Kitchen Backsplash 2022 | Country Floors

Handpainted Tile Ideas For Kitchen Backsplash 2022

For a custom backsplash to create a unique kitchen design, a handpainted tile kitchen backsplash is a fantastic way to add beauty and style to kitchen walls. You can consider adding painted tiles to a wall above a sink or stove area in the kitchen to complement existing tiles and cabinetry, [...]
natural stone tile backsplash

Natural Stone Tile Backsplash Ideas You’ll Love

Why not create your kitchen with natural stone backsplashes? Is it a wise decision? Why? Yes, these are gorgeous, timeless, and have a great character in any kitchen. When selecting a natural stone tile backsplash and floor for the kitchen, you can choose between aesthetic options and [...]
Best Non Slip Shower Floor Tile Ideas 2022

Best Non Slip Shower Floor Tile Ideas 2022

Non slip tile is one of the must-have features for the safety of your family. These tiles and other materials with non slip characteristics are usually used on shower floor. They are generally called shower floor tile non slip and every shower must be decorated with them.So, in case you [...]
small white entryway tile ideas

9 Best Entryway Tile Ideas 2022

When trying to pick the suitable entryway tile ideas for 2022, it’s important to remember that you have many different options. There are plenty of entryway tile patterns on offer, which is why they do so well. Whether it is a hexagon tile entryway or a concrete entryway tile patterns, there [...]

Porcelain Wood Tile Pros and Cons

When building your interior or renovating a previous one, the decisions that should be taken first are suitable floor tiles. Hardwood floors are desirable and sophisticated options, but they can be expensive. The wood flooring has no maintenance but can easily be damaged. Also, they can warp [...]

Granite Backsplash Ideas: Choose The Right Granite

To put it simply, granite backsplash ideas is highly practical and decorative. In addition to protecting against stains and food particles, the walls are protected by removing stains from food. Of course, other tiles, engineered stone, and porcelain mosaics are commonly used to build [...]
Backsplash Ideas for White Cabinets

Backsplash Ideas for White Cabinets and Granite Countertops

In this article, one of our design team members here at Country Floors is going to show you some backsplash ideas for white cabinets and granite countertops, that you can experiment with yourself and answer some common questions. Should backsplash match cabinets or granite countertop?Your [...]

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend, Diamond tile collections from Country Floors

Diamond tiles are becoming ever-more popular in interior design. More of us are opting for unique tile shapes that carry a culture of opulence and deliberate design choice. But, tile stores usually ignore the best of what this shape can bring. Diamond tile mosaics, and 3D diamond tiles are all [...]