decorative ceramic tiles

A Modern Take On Traditional Italian Decorative Ceramic Tiles

It's June... Along with the summer sun and a chance to get outdoors, it's also the month of Festa Della Repubblica. That means we at Country Floors are celebrating all the wondrous parts of Italian culture. We celebrate especially their unbeatable grasp of interior design. That is why we'll [...]
Tuscany Terracotta

Tuscany at Home This Summer With Our Outdoor Tuscan Terracotta

Luscious rolling fields, delicious food, and wine, history, and culture are woven into every building... The decadent yet humbled destination of Tuscany, Italy is one that we've all had a fling with at one time or another. Who could possibly resist? But only the luckiest of us have had the [...]
free shipping

“Country Floors” Free Shipping Offer: Be Sure You Qualify

Country Floors is excited to announce our new "Country Floors" Free Shipping Offer! The offer only applies to the Country Floors website and will be available for one year.The promotion period starts at 11:59 pm EDT on May 7, 2021, until 11:59 pm EDT on June 31, 2021.This means that [...]
lantern tile

Shop Designer Lantern Tile Made In The USA

The Inherent Allure of Lantern TileBold and beautiful, the Country Floors Nova Water-jet floor tile collection combines a stunningly distinctive shape, with marble and glass material to easily achieve a strikingly sleek interior. The gorgeous lantern-shaped wall and floor tiles are [...]
patterned ceramic wall tiles

La Dolce Vita With Our Marsala Bianco Tile Collection

Artisanal tradition is tightly woven into the culture of modern Sicily. When it comes to the Marsala Bianco Country Floors patterned ceramic wall tiles, we have opted to pay homage to 19th and 20th-century Italian interior design in particular.The Inspiration Behind The Marsala Bianco [...]
scape ceramic tile collection

Inspired By Nature, The Scape Ceramic Tile Collection

Introducing The Scape Ceramic Tile:Inspired by the untameable majesty of the natural world, Country Floors are proud to announce our newest collaboration with renowned pattern creator Erin Adams. The Scape ceramic tile collection offers a gorgeous variety of ceramic tile shapes to create a [...]

It is Back To Black With Our Iris Black Marble Collection

Here at CountryFloors, we are acutely aware of just how wonderful black marble is as a component in interior design, whether it be stone tile flooring or natural stone wall tiling. If you are lucky enough to get to walk on marble flooring systems every day in your home, then you know just how [...]
Spanish Terracotta

A Modern Classic Spanish Bathroom With Antiqued Mallorca Terracotta

The Spanish certainly built their terracotta to last. Using the durable material of clay dirt, and taking on a warm color when they hardened, the name terracotta or ‘baked earth’ was perfect for these new stone tiles. People used terracotta tiles throughout Europe in everything from peasant [...]