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Carrara Venato Porcelain

Tile Ideas for a Brighter Living Room

Human beings are light-sensitive. Light, bright spaces can raise our spirits, while darker ones can feel ominous and depressing. Ceramic and marble present a great option to revive a room that seems too dark. Let’s jump into a few Tile Ideas for a Brighter Living Room. Tile Ideas to Brighten [...]
Modern terracotta tile

Modern Terracotta Tile Suggestions to Change the Feel of Your Living Room

Any valuable discussion about Modern Terracotta Tile Suggestions to Change the Spirit of Your Living Room has to begin with a baseline of knowledge on terracotta. Let’s begin. What is Terracotta? At Country Floors we never get tired of passing on information about modern terracotta tile. [...]
Ceramic Tile Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Ceramic Tile Ideas for Small Bathrooms

The time has come to renovate a small bathroom in your home. You finally have both the funds and the will to get this done. What now? It is not a large area, so what tiles might work best? Here are a few ceramic tile ideas for small bathrooms. What are Small Bathrooms? To begin with, let’s [...]
small white entryway tile ideas

9 Best Entryway Tile Ideas 2022

When trying to pick the suitable entryway tile ideas for 2022, it’s important to remember that you have many different options. There are plenty of entryway tile patterns on offer, which is why they do so well. Whether it is a hexagon tile entryway or a concrete entryway tile patterns, there [...]

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend, Diamond tile collections from Country Floors

Diamond tiles are becoming ever-more popular in interior design. More of us are opting for unique tile shapes that carry a culture of opulence and deliberate design choice. But, tile stores usually ignore the best of what this shape can bring. Diamond tile mosaics, and 3D diamond tiles are all [...]

The Fun Bathroom Tile Trend For 2022

If you're looking for the best bathroom tile for interior design in 2022, that is lots of fun; then you come to the right place with this one. The range we've got here is pretty unique in many ways, and we're exceptionally proud of it.Our design team at Country Floors, a luxury tile shop, [...]

Sustainable Decorative Mosaic Tile For 2022 With Zellige Ceramic Mosaics

A suitable mosaic tile can be a powerful way to transform a space. Whether you're looking to do so in the kitchen, the bedroom, or the bathroom, a mosaic tile can be an excellent tool for interior design.No, picking and choosing the right kind of mosaic tile for your needs is tricky. We [...]

13 Shower Tiles Ideas and Designs in 2022

Depending on the type of your shower or concept, shower floor tile ideas may vary. However, we have picked the 10 best ideas and designs for you in this guide. In addition to this, you can also find some amazing suggestions you can use in your shower tile ideas.In short, we are here to [...]