Black Tiles are Back

Those looking to reinvent their home will often wonder why the use of black tiles are so prominent. However, interior designers have the experience that forces them to be more pro-active to their approach to décor. And also many homeowners are surprised at what can be achieved, with what is [...]
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5 Natural Stones To Create Beautiful Stone Entranceways

In this article, from the Hamptons to the Hollywood Hills, we'll discover how a natural stone floor creates a striking stone entranceway.Whether you are a homeowner or an interior designer, long gone are the days of the carpeted entrance. Carpets dirty very easily and are far from hygienic [...]
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The Reasons That Show Why Natural Stone Tile is Timeless

Natural stone has been used as a flooring material since time immemorial. It was often seen as a sign of wealth and high status. Ancient royal palaces used marble flooring because it represented wealth, sophistication, and good taste. Natural Stone Tile is Timeless Below are examples of [...]
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Time To Embrace Earthy Tones In Your Bathroom

In this article, we'll explore earthy bathroom tiles. For the last few years, interior designers have had a frenzy with ceramic and white marble in the bathroom, but that could be changing for 2020.At Country Floors, we are more aware of the natural world than ever before, and that’s [...]
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New Luxury Stone Mosaic: The Atelier Collection

Stone mosaic making doesn't come easily. It is a privilege to be in the business of crafting fine materials. There is also a certain weight of responsibility that comes with being engaged  in the decorative arts. Especially when your product becomes part of the built environment of luxury [...]
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Six Superb New Black and White Tile Looks

In film as in life, the timeless romance of black and white is undeniable, and in tile it's practically as old as time itself. Just think of the stone parquet entry halls of Europe's great estates. Its glamour and timelessness charm us every time, in much the same way as when we see Cary Grant [...]
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Design’s New Flame: The Warm Neutrals

The design world is due for something happy, earthbound,  familiar and welcoming. Enter the warm neutrals. A welcoming warmth is spreading over the design world, and it can't get here soon enough! We're excited to welcome the entire family of warm neutrals and highlight the [...]
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Natural Stone Geometric Shapes

Our collective memories of geometry classes gone by might be a bit cloudy now, but interesting shapes in a design plan are altogether au courant. So let’s make Natural Stone Geometric Shapes the topic for today.Our Cellini Mosaic Collection is featured in this  post for the obvious [...]
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