Ceramic Tile in Glamorous Interiors

Ceramic Tile in Glamorous Interiors
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Glamour is never easy to define. Is it the personal glamour and eternal elegance of cinematic icon Audrey Hepburn in film after film? Perhaps gold leaf spread hither, either, and yon is it? Well, who knows what our personal definitions are? Today, let’s spend a little time on ceramic tile in glamorous interiors.

Recently we found another great post on Freshome.com: “How To Infuse Glamour Into Your Interiors (Without It Feeling Too Over-The-Top)”. Yes, that is certainly a mouth full. However, the author made many salient points and two of them are extremely germane to luxury ceramic tile:

Go Bold With Colors And Prints:

Freshome.com puts it this way: “Glamorous interiors are all about making a big statement, and there’s no better way to do that than with bold colors and loud patterns. Start by picking a color or pattern that speaks to you, and build the rest of your design around it”. What better medium to use for infusing bold color than ceramic tile? Take a peek below at our Turquoise Ceramic Tile Collection as an example of bold colors.

Play With Shape:

To this point, the Freshome blog post says that “Shape is also a great way to infuse plenty of personality into a room”. Here again, we point out how friendly ceramic tile can be in terms of available shapes. Below is the same Turquoise Ceramic Tile Collection illustrating the power of “shape” in a design plan.

Ceramic Tile in Glamorous Interiors

The opening premise of this post was that glamour is difficult to pin down. The variables in the equation are numerous and complex. Our goal has been to point out that ceramic tile in glamorous interiors is a winnable proposition by relying on the medium of tile to drive bold color and interesting shape.

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