Country Floors Heritage Collections

Country Floors Heritage Collections
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Our Country Floors Heritage Collections are the embodiment and natural outcome of decades as a fashion-forward vendor of ceramic tile, terracotta, glass mosaics, and natural stone. It all started in 1964 with an idea by a professional photographer named Norman Karlson. A widely traveled man, Norman found himself drawn to the artistry and style of ceramic tile in Europe.

Country Floors Heritage Collections
Faience Blue Tile

As he moved from Lisbon to the Amalfi coast of Italy, to the Alphonso XIII Hotel in Sevilla, and many points in between, his passion for tile as an art form deepened. Upon his return to The States, the concept of a sophisticated and discerning purveyor of ceramic tile was born. Naturally, the idea became Country Floors.

Delft Tiles

The ensuing decades have brought many changes to design, and even more changes to the manufacturing of ceramic tile. Some of them have been good and some not so good. The local big box stores are full of relatively affordable materials produced with extreme cost efficiency. However, in many cases, they are also devoid of charm.

In this post, we have placed a smattering of images that we believe extend the inherent style and class of ceramic tile. Country Floors Heritage Collection will shine your home! Thanks for reading.

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