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Today we have the pleasure to introduce Orit Srour from Orit Srour Designs. Orit is a California-based Interior designer that focuses on innovative custom modern designs that fit any budget. Orit caught our attention while browsing on Instagram and discovering our beautiful Barcela Plus Collection used in an outdoor setting. We wanted to meet Orit and learn more about her design process…

What inspired you to become an interior designer and what currently inspires you and is influencing your work?

I was inspired to become an interior designer when I realized it was a way to create a place of comfort.  I started doing my own home and homes of friends and family and quickly learned that homes can be very powerful and offer ease from daily stress.  This intrigued me and my curiosity continued to grow. Layering rooms with colors, textures, materials, and forms was a process I enjoyed. Because I’m self-taught, I feel like my decisions were always guided by my instinct and intuitions.  I still use that in all my projects today.

My work is definitely influenced by travel, but I have to say that I would not be able to do what I do without social media.  I can easily be inspired by the works of my favorite Danish designers or my LA favorites. It’s all at my fingertips.

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How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is contemporary, yet classic. I gravitate to a modern aesthetic with textural earthy palettes, soft hues, and bold colors. It creates an ambiance of refined elegance.  In my opinion, it’s so important to have a relationship with the space you live in.

When designing a home, what is your favorite room?

>My favorite room when designing a home is definitely the kitchen.  It’s a space that can go in a million different directions. I love a light and bright kitchen, but I can also get into a dark and stormy one.  There are so many options for faucets, hardware, and appliances. What used to be a one-dimensional process now offers limitless creativity.

What was the source of inspiration for this project?

The source of inspiration for this project came from perusing Pinterest searching for fun outdoor spaces.  I found an inspiration picture and set out looking for a way to make it my own.

Barcela Cement Tile

What were the key aspects for consideration when choosing our Barcela Plus Collection for your client?

The home’s backyard had a beautiful taupe/gray limestone as the hardscape and a built-in concrete bench with a fire pit that had decomposed granite. They wanted to add more surface interest to the fire pit area but keep it in line with a soft modern aesthetic. The Barcela Plus Collection offered the right tones that blended seamlessly with the limestone while creating interest with its pattern and color.

How would you describe the end result?

The end result is a beautiful indoor/outdoor space that invites you to kick up your feet and relax!

What are your favorite materials or textures?

My favorite materials are things that have organic textures. Metals with a gentle patina, soft buttery leathers, custom rugs, and pottery with an artisan touch. I love when I get a sense of feeling from an object created by an artist.

Is there a design rule that you like to break?

I really struggle with the design rules.  Because I’ve had no formal training I was really not aware of all the “rules” out there. I think some of my best projects wouldn’t have been good had I followed those rules.

Barcela Cement Tile

Is there a design trend that really stood out to you in 2018 and what do you think are the design trends for 2019?

Kitchens today are redefining luxury and expanding what we thought was possible.  Appliance companies like Dacor and Jenn-Air are introducing provocative and alluring ideas in their showrooms that people are noticing.  Kitchens are becoming moodier….matte black is making its way from dishes and flatware to hardware and appliances. Natural light will always be at the top of my list for great kitchen design.  I’m still a believer in using a controlled palette in the kitchen as there is usually a lot going on.

About Barcela Plus Collection:

Our Barcela Plus Cement Tile Collection is an addition to our beloved Barcela Collection.  This collection offers European-inspired patterns that are each meticulously crafted and produced utilizing a traditional technique that has been in play since the later part of the 19th Century. We all know the story that “cement is to concrete as flour is to bread”. So perhaps these are really more properly called “concrete tiles”. However, the legacy nomenclature of “cement tiles” is the prevailing lingua franca and that is good enough for us! Our Barcela Plus Collection is suitable for both residential and commercial applications, is slip-resistant, and delivers stunning end results.

Show the look: Barcela Plus Collection

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