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The most timeless styles of backsplash tile are those that provide a clean canvas for decorative accents. White subway backsplash tile, gray subway backsplash tile, and other subway tiles in neutral shades are considered timeless.

No, in fact, subway tile is extremely popular in 2023. Subway tile has a very classic look that is great for a clean modern motif. Subway tiles come in shades that are perfect for both minimalist and maximalist styles of interior design.

Whether you decided to decorate with matte subway tile or glossy subway tile is entirely up to you. The look of matte tile is great for a more subtle and rustic look, while glossy subway tile will provide more sheen and reflect more light to add brightness to your space. Practically, glossy subway tile is easier to clean and moisture-resistant.

There really is no best pattern for subway tile. The ideal way to lay your tile will rely on the finished look you desire. Horizontally laid subway tiles provide a classic result, while laying them vertically or in a herringbone pattern is more visually dynamic.

Standard 3x6 subway tiles will not make a room appear bigger or smaller. The main aspect of subway tile that can impact how large or small a room looks is color. White subway tile and other light shades will make small rooms look larger. Black subway tiles in small rooms may have the opposite effect.

Subway tiles made of porcelain or ceramic usually do not require sealing. However, the grouting around the tile can benefit from having a sealant applied. Sealing your grout will ensure that water, oil, and dirt are not absorbed and assist in preventing the tiles from cracking or coming loose.

There could be several reasons why your subway tile is cracking. Most often, cracked subway tiles result from improper installation or the tile supporting more weight than it can bear. If that's not the reason, you could have an issue with the damaged substrate (the wall or floor surface under the tile). It could also be a matter of the tile being exposed to extreme changes in temperature, which loosens the grouting and adhesive.  Lastly, if you drop something heavy onto your tile or strike it with a hard object, the tiles can crack.

Subway tiles are very easy to keep clean. If your tile is ceramic, you will only need a mixture of water, mild dish soap, and maybe some vinegar to maintain them. Cleaning your tiles at regular intervals is important to make them look like new and to remove buildup properly.

Once a week, we recommend combining your cleaning mix into a spray bottle and spritz your subway tile backsplash. Then,  immediately wipe them clean with a soft material cloth. If you don’t have a cloth, a clean towel or paper towels will also help remove grime.

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