The Honeycomb Pattern in Tile and Stone

Posted On May 6, 2014

Bedford CFA

The honeycomb pattern in tile and stone is a decidedly powerful trend. In fact, honeycomb patterns are everywhere in design and perhaps rightfully so given the innate versatility of the shape. Wallpaper patterns, shelving, light fixtures, cabinets, rugs, pillows, fabrics and more all are strutting the honeycomb.

Validating this further, the very interesting bloggers at  tell us that we should look for this shape to power on through 2014. To illustrate this they comment that “the honeycomb shape, typically a hexagon form duplicated in a pattern, is one of nature’s strongest structural forms and has been an important design element for humans for as long as we’ve known bees.  But what’s exciting about honeycombs this year is that they are often used purely decoratively, and in neutral shades, to create a visual pocket of negative space that draws the eye to the ‘hole’ rather than to the structure.  And in this way, you may actually miss the structural element of the honeycomb for noticing the space between”.  

Country Floors is nicely prepared to deliver on the honeycomb pattern in tile and stone. At the top of this post are two simple but indicative colors from our Bedford Collection of ceramic tiles. Naturally, these hexagons nicely form a classic honeycomb. Additionally,the collection features a vast array of colors and finishes to accentuate the power of the shape.

Country Floors Honeycomb Limestone

As you see above, Country Floors also adds texture to the honeycomb  by using one of our select limestone collections to further the motion and the mood of the pattern. Combinations of color and texture in both ceramic and stone can be manipulated to achieve whatever honeycomb style the client may be after. There is at least a good chance that this is best done in a showroom setting. With that said, we have showrooms across the USA and now also in Puerto Rico. We are ready to help!

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