The Honeycomb Pattern in Tile and Stone

Honeycomb pattern
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The honeycomb pattern in tile and stone is a powerful trend. In fact, honeycomb patterns are everywhere in the world of design. The innate versatility of the shape makes it a wonderful tool. Wallpaper patterns, shelving, light fixtures, cabinets, rugs, pillows, fabrics, graphics, and more are all strutting the honeycomb look.

Further validation of this trend comes from the very interesting bloggers at Vianza. They tell us that we should look for this shape to power on. To illustrate this, they comment that “the honeycomb shape, typically a hexagon form duplicated in a pattern, is one of nature’s strongest structural forms and has been an important design element for humans for as long as we’ve known bees.  But what’s exciting about honeycombs this year is that they are often used purely decoratively, and in neutral shades, to create a visual pocket of negative space that draws the eye to the ‘hole’ rather than to the structure.  And in this way, you may actually miss the structural element of the honeycomb for noticing the space between”.

Granda Blend Mosaic
Granada Blend Hexagon Mosaic

What is the Hexagon Pattern?

A hexagon is a six-sided object or shape in two dimensions with six internal angles. In terms of ceramic tile and stone hexagons, this shape is typically placed on a net or backing, as you can see above from our Granada Blend Mosaics. These sheets are then fitted together in the installation to create a seamless visual.

Where is the Honeycomb Pattern Used?

The honeycomb pattern, as expressed in tile and stone hexagons, is suitable for walls and backsplashes in both commercial and residential settings. This unique visual will also work on floors when the finish has the appropriate wear rating.

Hexagon Tile in the Bathroom

One of the challenges that planning a bathroom in tile and stone poses is scale. The typical American bathroom floor plan amounts to around 40-50 square feet. Even contemporary primary baths are only between 150-200. Now subtract tubs, toilets, and cabinetry from that and you can see that there is not a lot of open area for a tile layout. While the backsplashes and walls add to the total to be tiled, the point is that smaller shapes are typically easier to work with in these spaces. Also, hexagon mosaic tiles will provide a relatively non-slip surface for wet areas.

honeycomb pattern
Snow White Polished Hexagon Marble

Hexagon Tile and the Honeycomb Pattern in the Kitchen

A kitchen is a busy place. Busy in terms of human activity, and busy in terms of equipment and technology. The geometry of the honeycomb is inherently visually active, or busy. One person may see busy, while another sees a pattern. We also well know that pattern is one of the fundamental building blocks of design. Hexagon tiles in the honeycomb pattern offer the kitchen space a visually arresting hard surface that is perfect for both floors and backsplashes.

Allure and Glacier Marble Hexagon Mosaic

Hexagon Tile in the Shower

Hexagon tile, in their mosaic form, are placed on sheets or netting for ease of installation. This creates a certain amount of space between pieces that are typically filled with cementitious grout. This grout helps to raise general slip resistance and makes the material perfect for wet areas like the shower floor.

Hexagon Tile on the Floor

Floor covering selections always require that due consideration be given to durability and skid resistance. Style and fashion must be married to materials that can withstand the rigors of foot traffic and also inhibit slip-fall situations.

In Conclusion – the Honeycomb Pattern

The honeycomb pattern has design traction across the product spectrum. In our niche, Country Floors is well positioned to deliver the correct tile and stone hexagons that form the timeless and classic honeycomb pattern. Our selection of color and texture, in both ceramic and stone, can be orchestrated to achieve whatever honeycomb style is preferred.

The online world is a wonderful source of information and inspiration. However, there are design plans, such as this one, that may require a more hands on approach. If that is the  case, then we are certainly able to offer a luxury showroom experience in a bespoke setting. Country Floors has showrooms across the USA and now also in Puerto Rico. We are ready to help!

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