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Neutral colors sometimes go unnoticed when we plan a new project, but these tones are the workhorses of beautiful interiors. They are carrying a style on their foundation.

In 2021 people are becoming bolder with their choices of neutrals and falling back in love with beiges, blushes, and browns especially – even the leading interior design firms are using neutral only color palettes. Now it’s not uncommon to see entire rooms decked out solely in neutrals that make a room look so warm and inviting you just can’t help but sink into the soft beige sofa and admire the gorgeous honey-toned wall tiles.

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Designed by Country Floors, Honey Picket Ceramic Tile


Honey beige, the star of this article, is a subtle yet cheerful color. It evokes happiness from anyone who basks in its glow, and yellow tones are now a critical calming interior design trend following many of us spending a lot more time within our homes in recent years. Building this into the fabric of the room by using honey wall tiles is an easy way to get your dose of neutrals for your needed style or honor the warm neutral.

How to Complement Warm Beige Tiling

While cooler toned neutrals are solely confined to more modern interiors, warmer tones are a great welcoming choice for family rooms that see a lot of life, such as the kitchen and living rooms. They inspire conversation in the dining room, calm in the bedroom, and dynamic nature in the smaller areas such as the hallway, porch, and spaces that don’t usually see such attention, like the bathroom or en-suite.

So what are the best colors to pair with a warm beige, and are there any other neutrals that share this same versatility? Blush pinks are a great combination color for honey-toned tiles, providing the same coziness as the neutral wall tiles. However, with an added refreshing twist of color that compliments many modern styles and even supports the addition of cooler tones in the furniture and accessories, such as light clays and pastel blues.

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Designed by Country Floors, Honey Glossy Chevron Ceramic Tile

Deep browns are a great darker choice, again maintaining the warmth that’s so inherent to beige wall tiling, supporting black furniture, and an opportunity to take advantage of the ever so popular gray neutral trend in the form of versatile taupes.

The Potential for Pattern

The Country Floors honey-toned tiles are part of the broader Status glossy ceramic tiling collection, which opens many doors for color combinations, uniquely shaped installations, and gorgeous block-neutral patterns. Below we explore some of the different shaped honey-colored tiles available.

While the Field Tile may appear standard and, when paired with neutrals, might seem too dull, they work as well as the foundation to a beautifully warm living space. With lots of versatility in terms of style and potential for creating gorgeous mosaics, this warm beige tile is most beautiful due to its stunning simplicity.

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Field Ceramic Tile, Country Floors

The Tear Field tile provides softer lines and curved shaping and is a great way to pair subtle neutrals with a statement wall tile. The delicate flow is a perfect pair for warm honey, and a sweet tile looks in the kitchen, bathroom, or as part of a minor installation.

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Tear Field Ceramic Tile, Country Floors

Finally, the Picket Tile embraces bolder lines, great to make a neutral beige tile stand out and hold its own against more colorful elements in a room, catching the eye just the same as a bold color scallop chair, or gorgeous wooden peacock chair.

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Picket Ceramic Tile, Country Floors

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