Our kitchen tile section is full of a wonderful selection of decorative tiles from all over the world.

The kitchen is the central gathering point for most families.

As part of that experience, using stone, tile, glass, and terracotta in the kitchen can create a sense of personalization in the space. For almost fifty years, Country Floors has provided luxury elements for your kitchen experience.

We have a variety of design ideas and styles for all types of lifestyles and kitchen styles.  Traditional kitchens for country lifestyles may prefer rustic stone type kitchen and kitchen floor tiles.

Contemporary kitchen designers love our modern Talya designs and sleek glass styles from Sicis.  Country Floor selections from Sicis incorporate modern fabric designs on tile patterns.

Our glazed brick collections can be used on floors and walls in a variety of exciting colors in matt or glossy glaze colors.

Finally, all sorts of mosaics such as basketweave designs, or herringbone patterns may be a great addition to any style.

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