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Introducing the Cappuccino Polished Marble Collection. This creamy rich beige marble line offers a variety of tile sizes, mosaics and trims.Marble is a metamorphic stone with a timeless history as a flooring, wall covering, paving material and sculptural medium. Think for a moment of the Taj Mahal, the Statue of a David, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and perhaps your local courthouse. Now you are starting to see the essence of the stone. Perfect for typical  bathrooms, kitchens and living room, this collection is applicable for wall coverings and flooring. Cappuccino Polished Marble is a Marble Systems product offering.

Please also take a peek at a few of our other stone collections. These include: Ivory Vein Cut TravertineWalnut Dark TravertineSeashell Stone Tile, and Leathered Stone.