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Glass Tiles & Mosaics

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Antique Mirror Tile Collection

Antique Mirror Tile

Venetian glassmakers introduced the process of making mirrors out of plate in the early 16th century. Country Floors has taken this classic antiquing process and created a rich, artfully aged collection of patterns and field tiles.Our Antique Mirror Tile Collection delivers an old world look with new world style. Suitable for interior wall use. Our Antique Mirror Tile Collection is available in field sizes of; 3x6 beveled brick, 3x6 and 12x24. Our special order Water jet patterns in; Fan, Picket and Helena.This collection is a Marble Systems product offering.
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Coastal Glass Tile Collection

Coastal Glass Tile

The Coastal Glass Tile Collection from Country Floors features a series of interlocking tiles that are available in a combination matte/gloss finish.Over the years, the use of color has been a constant topic in the world of stone, tile and glass across America. We certainly spend a good deal of time in this space discussing it. One way to simplify the task of choosing a color scheme is by thinking in terms of “disposable” colors versus “durable” colors.Glass tiles provide the perfect example of a durable finish in modern design plans. The Coastal Glass Tiles Collection elements are soft to the touch with a neutral, organic type edge and are nicely functional in active areas, including kitchen back-splashes, countertops and showers.This material is a Marble Systems product offering.
New Ravenna Collection

New Ravenna

Mental images of New Ravenna always linger for those who have visited this Spanish coastal resort town. In the case of those who have not ever been lucky enough to experience this Costa del Sol treasure the images become dreams.Our New Ravenna Decorative Mosaics Collection combine multiple mediums to produce finely rendered design elements worthy of any design plan. As defined by Wikipedia, “A mosaic is a piece of art or image made from the assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials. It is often used in decorative art or as interior decoration.” We will of course bow to the judgment of our clients on our efforts.
Made In North America Nova Waterjet Collection

Nova Waterjet

Nova Waterjet Collection has 39 lantern-shaped waterjet decos with elegantly sweeping curves. This collection is a reflection of an ancient form in modern days with a sleekness that boosts your imagination. These waterjet decos are bold and beautiful. They are meticulously inspected for quality and continuity so that you can count on what you see in your sample. Each tile is a perfect blend of marble and glass.
Oceanside Glass Collection

Oceanside Glass

Sorbetto Glass & Stone Collection

Sorbetto Glass & Stone

The Sorbetto Glass Mosaics Collection from Country Floors puts stone and glass in combination, an ancient architectural concept. Both mediums imply a coolness of premise and purpose.Over the years, the use of color has been a constant topic in the world of stone, tile and glass across America. We certainly spend a good deal of time in this space discussing it. One way to simplify the task of choosing a color scheme is by thinking in terms of “disposable” colors versus “durable” colors.Glass and stone tiles provide the perfect example of a durable finishes  in modern design plans. In the technology of today, stone and glass mosaics reach new heights with the Sorbetto Collection. The glass elements are visually cool and the stone elements somewhat more warming.This material is a Marble Systems product offering.
Vihara Glass Tiles Collection

Vihara Glass Tiles

We are very happy to introduce our Vihara Glass Tiles Collection to our many clients and friends within the Country Floors orbit.This hand-crafted, post-consumer glass product yields a unique and individually arresting visual appearance in each and every tile.The eco-friendly nature of the glass comes from the fact that post-consumer glass has actually reached the consumer, been used, been discarded, and then diverted into this secondary purpose as tile. Please enjoy this material from both the design perspective and the environmental one.

About Glass Tiles & Mosaics

Glass tiles and mosaics imbue spaces with a soft, diffused light dispersed in shining fragments. Moreover, their natural luminosity makes interiors appear more open and brighter. They are available in strikingly vivid and eye-catching colors seldom achieved in other materials.

Where Can I Install Them?

Glass tiles work well in kitchen backsplashes and shower/bathroom walls. They are non-absorbent, moisture-resistant, and anti-bacterial. Therefore, they’re ideal for wet areas, like shower walls and pool floors. Additionally, these mosaics are an excellent accent material for kitchens or bathrooms.

They are perfect for mixing and matching colors to create a unique glass mosaic pattern that speaks to you. For an intricate and unusual design, we recommend pairing these tiles with other natural stones like marble.

Therefore, these tiles are a flawless addition to any modern design scheme with minimalist or industrial designs. Also, they especially suit natural environments due to their organic, translucent glow.

Country Floors Collections

The Nova Waterjet, Oceanside Glass, New Ravenna, and Sorbetto Glass & Stone Collections offer tiles with intricate blends of glass and natural stone.

The Coastal Glass Collection has a selection of classic monochromatic tiles that allow the beauty of glass to speak for itself.

The Antique Mirror Tile and Vihara Glass Tile Collections include a soft metallic glimmer for some added brightness.

The History of Glass Tiles

Created in 2500 BC by Indian, Greek, and Persian artisans, these tiles are one of the oldest and most prolific building materials in the world. Glowing glass mosaics and delicate stained-glass windows became the defining image of towering Gothic cathedrals. In the Byzantine Empire, artisans crafted a special kind of glass mosaic known as smalti by combining molten glass with colorful metal oxides in a furnace. The result was an opaque, vibrant glass that artists broke into pieces to form incredible three-dimensional images.