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Absolute Black Granite Collection

Absolute Black Granite

A real conversation about the most durable and elegant stones has to include Absolute Black Granite.Granite is an igneous rock that is easily recognized by the characteristic large grains that it is typically associated with. In the case of Absolute Black, a much more solid appearance is presented for the designer and homeowner to play with in a design plan.Our Absolute Black Granite is available in a nice range of sizes in both squares and rectangles that offer elegance for both walls and floors. Now, also consider that our slabs provide the opportunity to create kitchen tops, vanity tops, and other larger unit cut to size elements.

About Granite Tiles 

Granite tiles stand for utter sophistication, boldness, and strength. This iconic stone, long favoured by homeowners and interior designers alike, is a classic choice for interior flooring applications. Here at Country Floors, we are proud to offer some of the highest-quality granite tiles on the market. 

An igneous rock, granite has a rich depth of color that fits seamlessly with industrial, contemporary designs. Additionally, black granite pairs brilliantly with white tiles to create inventive and iconic designs. For more design ideas, check out our blog post: 4 Black and White Tile Inspirations.

Granite is a common feature throughout the architecture of antiquity. The ancient Egyptians used it to construct temples, statues, and even pyramids. Additionally, it adorned many ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples. The Indian Brihadishvara Temple, built in 1010 CE, was the world's first temple built entirely out of granite.

Where Can I Install Granite Tiles?

Where Can I Install Granite Tiles?

In addition to its incredibly bold coloring, the appeal of granite lies in its strength, durability, and hardness. It suits nearly all interior flooring and wall applications. 

Residential & Commercial Floors 

Granite tiles work well as flooring in both residences and businesses. Extremely hard, these tiles are unlikely to scratch or chip and can bear heavy loads. We particularly recommend them for the heavy-traffic floors of commercial spaces. 

Residential & Commercial Walls 

Granite tiles certainly make a bold statement as wall coverings. These sleek black and gray tiles will instantly imbue any room with a strong, bold atmosphere. Granite especially looks incredible with brushed metal furniture and accents. 

Bathroom/Shower Floors & Walls 

We recommend granite tiles for bathroom and shower wall and floor applications. As granite has low porosity and permeability, it's moisture- and stain-resistant. 

Granite Tile Finishes 

To accentuate the monochromatic depth of granite, we offer granite tiles in three “extra” finishes: 

Extra Polished 

This finish will really make the granite shine and highlight every granule in the tile. Keep in mind that this stone will be cold and slippery when wet, so we suggest using rugs and mats generously. 

Extra Flamed 

An extra flamed granite finish has a rougher texture that allows the grain texture of granite to shine through. These tiles are fired with a very hot flame to burst the surface. The rough texture of extra flamed granite tiles is perfect for wet areas like shower floors, as it creates slip resistance. 

Extra Honed

Our extra-honed granite tile finish is the perfection of a classic. This matte, smooth finish has a more casual, welcoming look. It's great for wet areas and residential interior flooring.