Terracotta & Glazed Brick

About Terracotta Tiles
Terracotta, and terracotta tiles, have long been a viable material for a myriad of building purposes. An easy translation of terracotta is “baked earth,” which give us a great spot from which to start a conversation. At the most basic level, refined clay and water are combined, then formed or molded into the desired shape. The shape created is dried and fired in a kiln or elementary oven. This basic process can yield pots, full statues, figurines, gourds, pipes, and our specific interest, terracotta tiles.
Country Floors Terracotta Tiles
Since 1964, Country Floors and terracotta tiles have been nearly synonymous. The founder of Country Floors was a professional photographer named Norman Karlson. In the early days of the brand, terracotta tiles were featured prominently. Then, and now, a clever design team can use terracotta flooring as a neutral design element that works with bright and bold color combinations, various metals, and woods of all types.
Check out a few of our collections:The Pedralbes Fiesole, and Cotto Med tile collections all bring warm European visuals to any space, while the Reclaimed Collection is the essence of authenticity.