Olive Green Stone

Olive Green Stone
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Olive Green Stone presents a visual opportunity for the homeowner and professional designer to use a hard surface to complement a trending design scheme. A few days ago our friends at Freshome.com posted a great bit on the color olive. Let’s check it out and tie it to our stone offerings.

Olive Green Stone
Olive Green Limestone

The author, Cynthia Bowman, gave us all the updates on olive: “Olive green stone is on-trend – and it appears it will be one of the topmost stylish colors for the next few years. It varies greatly in hue and saturation from cool to warm tones, giving you plenty of flexibility when decorating with olive green. Also known as cargo, sage, and even chartreuse, the color is quite versatile. It’s the perfect shade to add to your living space this fall.”

Now please take a look at the Country Floors Olive Green Limestone Collection as shown in the imagery above. We offer this subtle olive color value in tile format, slabs, and mosaics. These different formats maximize the opportunity of using olive in a design plan.

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