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Basalto Honed Basalt Tile


Basalto Honed 1x1 Basalt Mosaic



Basalt tiles are the ideal flooring tile due to their hardwearing, durable properties. They are difficult to scratch or chip and can hold up in heavy-traffic areas. Basalt tiles can be installed in kitchens and bathrooms, but we do not recommend them for shower installations due to their high moisture absorption rate.

Basalt tiles are made from natural volcanic stone formed from cooling lava. The result is a natural stone tile that is hardwearing, durable, incredibly dense, and non-abrasive. Basalt tiles have a sleek, charcoal coloring that is timeless.

The main advantage of basalt tiles is how long-lasting and durable they are. Since basalt is an incredibly dense natural stone, it is naturally hardwearing, durable, and resistant to scratching. Basalt tiles also have an elegantly organic look that makes them perfect for accent walls or kitchen backsplashes.

One of the main disadvantages of basalt tiles is their porosity. Basalt tiles have a high rate of moisture absorption that makes them unsuitable for submerged wet areas like showers or poolsides. However, you can install basalt tiles in intermittent wet areas like kitchen backsplashes or bathroom floor and wall tiles.

Basalt tiles have a uniform, natural look, and a charcoal gray coloring. Therefore, basalt tiles usually do not have a pattern. However, there are different basalt tile shapes available, such as penny round, hexagon, split face, and square.

Basalt tile is an excellent floor tile due to its durability and hardwearing properties. Basalt tiles are perfect for commercial flooring installations, such as restaurants, lobbies, hotels, and more.

Basalt tile is one of the most durable natural stone tiles available. Formed from cooling magma, it is incredibly dense and hardwearing.

Both basalt and granite are incredibly hardwearing, resistant natural stones. However, granite is rated a 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, while basalt is rated a 6. Due to the uniform crystallization of minerals, granite is more resistant to weathering than basalt, making it more hardwearing.

Basalt is not easy to break due to its hardwearing properties, durability, and density.

Basalt tile should be sealed to safeguard it from discoloration and water damage, especially in intermittent wet areas like kitchens or bathrooms. After installation, basalt tiles should be regularly re-sealed.

Basalt tile is not good for showers due to its porosity and high moisture absorption. Shampoos and soaps can permanently discolor basalt tiles. We suggest installing a more moisture-resistant stone in the showers.

When sealed, basalt can be slippery when wet. Hammered or chiseled basalt tile finishes offer more traction and are less likely to be slippery. We do not recommend installing it in submerged wet areas like showers due to its porosity.

As basalt tile is porous, it does absorb water. We recommend regularly re-sealing basalt tiles to prevent water absorption. Moreover, soaps and oils can stain and discolor basalt tiles.

When cleaning basalt tiles, you should avoid using acidic soaps and abrasive cleaners. Simply use warm water and a mop or microfibre cloth to clean the surface of the basalt tile. For trickier stains, use a natural stone cleaner.

Basalt tiles show the least dirt due to their natural dark gray coloring. Their charcoal shade makes the flooring look spotless and elegant.

Basalt tile is one of the best natural stone for floors due to its unique, understated look and practical, durable properties.

About Basalt Tiles

An igneous volcanic stone, basalt tiles are an understated and elegant choice for any interior. These tiles are available in smooth, homogeneous shades of charcoal and steel gray. Stylish yet subtle, these basalt tile mosaics are perfect for industrial, loft spaces or modern, minimalist interiors.

Formed from cooling lava, basalt is the most common volcanic rock found on Earth. It's even present throughout the entire solar system. The moon, Venus, and Mars all have high amounts of basalt.

Here at Country Floors, we offer the highest-quality basalt tiles on the market. The beauty of basalt lies in its simplicity. Our basalt has few mineral deposits with a sleek and monochromatic appearance. Furthermore, our basalt is more affordable compared to other natural stones.

Where Can I Install Basalt Tiles?

Basalt tiles suit nearly all residential and commercial interior applications because of their durability, hardness, and low maintenance. As an igneous rock, basalt is difficult to break, chip, or scratch. However, it is porous, which limits its application in submerged wet areas.

Residential & Commercial Floors 

Basalt flooring suits residential entryways, living rooms, and dining rooms as well as commercial spaces. Furthermore, its low-maintenance properties make it ideal for high-traffic areas.

Residential & Commercial Walls

Our selection of basalt mosaics–including hexagon, penny round, and split face–look incredible on wall installations for both residences and businesses. Therefore, it's a great choice for creating an understated and classy statement wall.

Bathrooms & Showers 

Basalt tiles are suitable for bathroom flooring and wall applications. However, since it's porous, we do not recommend most basalt tiles for shower wall and floor installations. The only exception is our bush-hammered finish basalt, which offers a non-slip surface for shower floors.

Basalt Tile Finishes


We recommend this semi-matte finish for flooring installations. Great for office spaces and lobby entrances, it creates a more casual and inviting look to any interior.

Bush Hammered 

The bush-hammered finish is achieved by hammering the stone to create a highly textured surface. Its non-slip properties make it ideal for the flooring of wet areas, like bathrooms and showers.


The chiseled basalt tile finish has a softly-textured surface with slight variation in the stone. It pairs seamlessly with industrial loft spaces.


Our multi-finish mosaic has a little bit of everything, with tiles from all of our finishes. The result is an alluring mosaic that will certainly make a statement.