Royal Glossy Ceramic Tiles 4×4

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WNT101884x4x3/84-6 weeks lead time
  • This item covers 0.11 sf area.

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  • Usage
    Weight0.44 lbs / pcsTypesTilesUsageRes. Interior Walls
    CollectionNovelty TileColorMulticolorAreaBathroom, Kitchen, Living Room
    Frost Resistance
  • Product Information
    Our new Novelty Tile Collection hopes to live up to its name in terms of both style and substance. A first glance of this ceramic tile product offers a peak into the mind of the designer. A  sense of optical illusion drove the creative spirit. In particular, the senses of movement and direction that illusion imbues into the human imagination. This does perhaps equate to “novel” indeed.Ceramic tile has a history in human culture spanning well over one thousand years and counting. Durability, ease of maintenance, and design flexibility have been three of the primary drivers for this longevity. In the case of this collection, the flexibility of ceramic glazes allow for the easily observable patterning, direction and overall flow.
  • Extras

    Ceramic tile is a fired clay product. They may be glazed or unglazed, depending on the desired design concept and particular usage. Glazed ceramic tiles and many unglazed ceramic tiles are generally moisture resistant and therefore are suited for floor and wall spaces such as general living areas, bathrooms, kitchens, and so forth. Ceramic tile is relatively easy to keep clean, as they can tolerate many different common household cleaning products. Typically, ceramic tile does not absorb fumes, odors, or smoke. Because color may be fired into a tile’s clay body (in the case of unglazed tiles) or onto a tile’s glazed surface (for glazed tiles), ceramic tile will not usually lose color or fade when exposed to UV rays in sunlit conditions. Although many tiles have little to no variation, color can vary from tile to tile to differing degrees. This is an inherent and desired characteristic of all fired clay products. Therefore, all tile should be unpacked and inspected prior to installation, as Marble Systems cannot accept claims for variation in any tile after installation.

    • Unglazed ceramic tile is typically more porous and will potentially absorb liquids and stains. It needs to be sealed to protect the surface from liquids. Staining can be prevented to some extent by sealing with a quality chemical ceramic tile sealer and will need to be sealed periodically in order to continue to be free from stains.
    • The grout placed in between ceramic tiles is susceptible to moisture, so it will need to be sealed to make it impervious to water. Otherwise, water can seep through the grout, which weakens the installation and encourages mold growth.
    • Unglazed ceramic tiles have greater slip resistance than glazed tiles. Because they can be slippery, glossy tiles are not generally recommended for high traffic areas or for residential sites with children and elderly people.
    • Ceramic tile is durable but may be subject to chipping in environments with aggressive use.
    • Check the technical specifications assigned a particular tile product.