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Granite Tile Background and History

Granite tiles and slabs come from quarries in the United States, Canada, India, and Brazil. While this natural stone usually comes in white, pink, or gray, each individual slab has its unique range of vivid colors. Brazilian granite provides some of the lightest colors available, pairing a softer aesthetic with one of the hardest, most durable surfaces around.

Because of its hardness and relative difficulty to extract and work, granite has been considered a high-quality and luxury building material for centuries. Granite, for instance, served as the of the now-ruined Black Pyramid of Ancient Egypt. An even more stunning show of wealth and power, theBrihadisvara Temple] in India was constructed entirely from granite in the early eleventh century.

Brihadisvara Temple]

Today, just as it has for much of recorded history, granite means luxury. While also traditionally used for pavings and wall coverings, granite is most familiar to the luxury homeowner as a kitchen countertop.

Granite Tile Home Uses

Granite tile countertops and granite slab countertops are truly the most iconic home use of this natural stone. This shouldn’t discourage you from using it in creative ways, however. Granite tile floors in kitchens and bathrooms radiate the same dignity and poise that a granite tile countertop might. Don’t stop at floor tiles, though; granite wall tiles make for beautiful additions to your shower or your kitchen backsplash.

Granite Tile Commercial Uses

Because of its strength and durability, granite is the stone of choice for designers planning commercial spaces that will see heavy use. High-traffic floors and commercial kitchens, for instance, practically insist on granite. Consider granite slab floors for your next hotel or high-end restaurant project.

Hotels and spas might also consider flamed granite pavers for wet surfaces like pools and steam rooms. Make sure, in this case, to opt for the flamed finish, which is more slip-resistant!

Granite bathrooms aren’t just for the luxury homeowner. Granite makes for elegant and inviting bathrooms in the hospitality industry as well. Currently, Absolute Black and Black Galaxy are trendy in commercial bathroom applications.

Granite Tile Offerings at Country Floors

We offer a wide array of rich and vivid natural colors to choose from. Tan Brown, Blue Pearl, Absolute Black>, Black Galaxy, and Taj Mahal are some of the popular varieties. These tiles and slabs provide durability and stark beauty. Black Galaxy in particular is one of the most fascinating natural flooring materials with its stunning golden specks that reflect light.

Our countertops are available in a thickness of 3 cm. This thicker stone is more and more being favored over thinner cuts, like the ¾” tile one might find elsewhere.

While the polished surface finish remains the most popular choice for customers worldwide, a recent trend in interior finishes has made the brushed finish popular.

Granite Tile Installation and Maintenance 

While we make sure that even our softer natural stone offerings such as marble or travertine are high quality and thus long-lasting with proper maintenance, nothing compares to granite in terms of durability. When planning for longevity, granite makes your life easy. Maintenance is fairly easy, too. While some of the lighter color granites may require sealing, darker colors will continue to perform under the most demanding conditions.

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