Sense Our Dreamy Desert Wild Flowers Tile Collection

Posted On March 18, 2022

The Desert Wildflowers Collection

The Desert Wildflowers Collection is an incredible array of patterned ceramic wall tiles. These stun-ning decorative surfaces are a collaboration between Country Floors and renowned interior designer Julia Buckingham. Bring a touch of the floral to your home or workplace, with these abstract water-color ceramic tiles.

The six-inch ceramic square tiles are modern, conceptual interpretations of delicate wildflowers native to the great plains and desert southwest. The harsh orange plains that produce these sweet blooms prove that beauty can be found in even the most toughened places. The bold and bright colors ripple across the gleaming glazed tile, with liveliness and dynamism. Incorporating these beautiful ceramic wall tiles into your space is an ingenious way to bring art and nature into the home or office.

Meet Your Ceramic Tile Designer

Although Julia Buckingham resides in Chicago, it is the Arizona flora that inspired the Desert Wild-flower wall tile collection. She spends a small portion of the year living, gathering inspiration and de-signing in the desert.

Julia has always been interested in the way tiling can influence an interior. Her motto is “blending old and new to reveal beautiful unexpected pairings”, this led to her astounding signature style. Julia’s gorgeous Modernique projects combine the old and the new, for true, one-of-a-kind interior design. Desert Wildflowers is her first foray in ceramic wall tiling that upholds this style. We are so honored to be working with Julia, as America’s top tile store, to offer you this special style.

Using Floral Patterned Tile in the Home

To complement the beautiful surfaces created with the Desert Wildflowers Ceramic wall tile, a simple approach to interior design is best. Pale neutrals look stunning next to the colorful tiles, and bring out the masterful layering of tones. Perhaps your interior style focuses on dark tones and natural materi-als, such as an industrial interior with stainless steel, wood, and brass. If so, the intensely patterned ceramic tiles stand out beautifully, and add a pleasant atmosphere. If your home renovation is focusing on thorough infusion of bright colors, a ceramic tile kitchen backsplash may be better.

Desert Wildflowers Ceramic wall tiles are suitable for any and all vertical application, including wet areas. As a gorgeously unique shower tile or wet room tile, designer walls are easy with the Country Floors Desert Wildflowers collection. As commercial wall tiles they look sublime in transitional spac-es, but are most beneficial when employed in a large tile installation. As an interior designer, architect, or home-owner, Desert Wildflowers from Country Floors are a simple way to bring art into a space.

A Closer Look at the Country Floors Collection

Bluet –

If you reside in the southern states you may well be familiar with these dainty blue flowers, dabbed with bright orange in the centre. To bring the essence of these blooms to interior design, the Bluet patterned wall tile runs with this color. The pale blue flows across the ceramic wall tiling, marry-ing perfectly with the pristine white tile.

Desert Wildflowers Ceramic

Bluet Matte Ceramic Tile


Paint Brush –

By using innovative materials as inspiration, in this case the Indian paintbrush, the de-sert wildflowers collection creates beautiful surfaces, effortlessly. At your next wall renovation con-sider this marbled pattern of rich greens and browns. This is the perfect wall tile for an organic or bi-ophilic style interior.

Desert Wildflowers Ceramic

Paint Brush Matte Ceramic Tile


Mist Flower –

The Mist Flower wall tiles vary greatly in design, bringing a quirky and artistic feel to interiors. Using the popular blue and greens of trending tiles, the decorative surfaces created are inno-vative and unconfined. As commercial wall tiles in a restaurant or studio, they bring a touch of the avant-garde to the space.

Desert Wildflowers Ceramic

Mist Flower Matte Ceramic Tile


Kiss Me Quick –

The sweetest pink wall tile, inspired by the succulent of the same name. These quali-ty tiles are an ideal choice for creating bespoke, designer walls, in your own home. The designer tiles look beautiful in a ‘hers’ ceramic tile bathroom. Or as a beautiful kitchen backsplash in a colorful kitchen.

Desert Wildflowers Ceramic

Kiss Me Quick Matte Ceramic Tile


Flame Flower –

Finally, this fiery matte ceramic tile take its name from the Talinum Aurantiacum, a plant that produces one bright orange bloom per stem. This same standout beauty characterizes the warm brown and sultry yellow tile. As a bathroom tile, or a kitchen tiles, the color palette is perfect, but the tile itself is unparalleled.

Desert Wildflowers Ceramic

Flame Flower Matte Ceramic Tile


Shop the Full Collection

To view the full collection of Desert Wildflowers Ceramic wall tiles available on our site, or our other natural stone tiling collections, click here! If you need any guidance on how and where to use floral ceramic tile in your home or workplace, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team of expert interior designers, who can offer you invaluable tips and tricks for getting the most out of your natural stone wall tile.

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