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Hallway Tile Ideas 2023

Many homeowners overlook how much fun it can be to transform their hallway floors and walls with tile. Hallways in homes can be tricky to redesign because they sit in the center of other more used rooms. The issue with decorating a hallway is deciding whether to make it an extension of another [...]

Ceramic Tile Ideas for Small Bathrooms

The time has come to renovate a small bathroom in your home. You finally have both the funds and the will to get this done. What now? In such a small area, every design choice must be carefully thought out.Here are a few ceramic tile ideas for small bathrooms. What are Small [...]

Spanish Tile Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Nothing is more charming than a Mediterranean-inspired tile design, and more and more homeowners and interior designers are drawn to Spanish tile when looking for a kitchen backsplash tile. In addition to classic decorative and rustic antique styles, Country Floors offers modern, contemporary [...]
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Beautiful Mosaic Tiles

Beautiful Decorative Mosaic Tiles From The Baba Chic Collection What are mosaic tiles? If you're seeking decorative mosaic tiles for your interior design project, look no further. Our Baba Chic Collection offers outstandingly beautiful mosaic tiles in a range of creative patterns and [...]

Be Swept Away with Our Dreamy Desert Wildflowers Tile Collection

The Desert Wildflowers Collection The Desert Wildflowers Collection is an incredible array of patterned ceramic wall tiles. These stunning decorative surfaces are a collaboration between Country Floors and renowned interior designer Julia Buckingham. Bring a touch of nature into your home or [...]

Architectural Digest Names Best Bath Ideas for 2020

This April, with baths suddenly having become perhaps the most important room in everyone's home, it may be a helpful coincidence that Architectural Digest has issued its "AD Great Design Awards - Bath" and editor-we-love Madeline O'Malley has lined them up for readers in a multi-page [...]

Interior Design: Top Ways to Warm Up a Kitchen

Interior Design magazine, the most-read publication and most visited website among professional designers and architects has named some top product ideas to warm up a kitchen. Intrigued? So were we! We're super excited that they've included Country Floors among their selections! Besides our [...]
ELLE Decor 2020 Tile Trends Country Floor

ELLE Decor on Tile’s New Maximalism

ELLE DECOR Gets Fired Up  About New Tile Options In ELLE Decor's March issue, the TOOLBOX column, which helps readers with inspiration and ideas for kitchen, bath, and building products, features "a new generation of tile options," that accomplished shelter writer Tim McKeough says are [...]