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Modern Terracotta Tile Suggestions to Transform Your Living Room

Modern terracotta tiles are often an overlooked design element that can fully transform your living room into a new space. In this article, we reveal how to use terracotta tile colors, shapes, sizes, and finishes to bring an organic yet sophisticated feel to your project.Any valuable [...]

Spanish Tile Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Nothing is more charming than a Mediterranean-inspired tile design, and more and more homeowners and interior designers are drawn to Spanish tile when looking for a kitchen backsplash tile. In addition to classic decorative and rustic antique styles, Country Floors offers modern, contemporary [...]

5 Stunning Mediterranean Tile Backsplash Ideas with Images

The Mediterranean Tile Trend Mediterranean tile backsplashes are becoming increasingly popular day by day. This style often includes ceramic and terracotta tiles, which are two favored decoration elements by interior designers. There is an increasing trend for organic resources, and these [...]