black and white marble

Chic and Versatile Laundry Rooms

That's right. We said chic laundry rooms. The Washington DC-based design magazine Home & Design has a few ideas on how to bring luxury and elegance to this utilitarian space. Including handmade terracotta tiles from Country Floors.Laundry That's Chic and Clean If you're like us, [...]

Design’s New Flame: The Warm Neutrals

The design world is due for something happy, earthbound,  familiar and welcoming. Enter the warm neutrals. A welcoming warmth is spreading over the design world, and it can't get here soon enough! We're excited to welcome the entire family of warm neutrals and highlight the [...]

Authentically Terracotta

I was first introduced to materials that were Authentically Terracotta during a trip to Florence, Italy. In the early ’80s, the Impruneta area offered a wonderful array of classically produced terracotta tiles that still linger in my imagination. Since then, that area continues to serve a [...]