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…discover blue and white tiles, discover Chez Monet

Step through the gate into the garden. Your eyes glance at every corner, filled with blooms of each color. Rainbow tulips dance in the wind, roses bob under bumblebees, wisteria trails from iron archways that shelter the pathway. The farmhouse sits at the end. If not for the tones surrounding you, it would be too eccentric with its pink walls, and green shutters. But it is charming, here among the blooms. The wooden door is heavy, but the interior is warm. Finally, there is the kitchen, the heart of the home. Blue and white ceramic tiling lines the walls from top to bottom.

Chez Monet 6x6 Tiles

This is Chez Monet, home of the world renowned impressionist for the last 40 years of his life and career; the newest inspiration for the latest tile collection from Country Floors. We would like to inspire you in remodeling your home. Let your residential or commercial remodel take after one of the most beautiful houses on the planet.

The Origins of the Chez Monet Tile Color

Monet personally selected the lovely colors used for his home. Blue and white make repeated appearances. The pottery and French wall tiles found in Monet’s home both use these colors. This color-way captured the artist, even before he had made the move to Giverny, such as his work ‘The Tea Set’ (1872).

Chinese blue and white ceramic, and porcelain pottery originated in the 7th century. Soon, the stunning work took root around the world. In pottery, Japanese Sometsuke, early Medici Porcelain, and British Wedgwood ceramic, were all popular before Monet’s lifetime. Blue and white were popular too, in the world of decorated ceramic tiles. Portuguese blue and white patterned tiles, Azulejos, decorated public spaces. Blue and white Delft tiling decorated interiors in the Netherlands. Monet’s kitchen uses decorative blue and white art tile in these styles, from 19th century Rouen.

Chez Monet 6x6 Tile

Vintage Wall Tiling at its Finest

The inspiration for the latest release of Country Floors tiles are these French kitchen tiles. The white tone is smooth and soothing, the blue is bold and bright. Repeated motifs include traditional imagery from nature, leaves, petals, and curling iron gates. The glossy tile glaze does great justice to the beautiful colors and shapes. Slight variation gives the tiles a hand-painted feel. The tile pattern is simple and crisp, intentional in its art, just as Monet was. Overall, the French inspired blue and white tiles have a balance of vintage nostalgia, and modern creativity.

Chez Monet 6x6 Tiles

To add to this vintage feel, Chez Monet tiles are an update of a Country Floors signature collection. Interior designers and homeowners favored this nostalgic collection for tiling a new wall. The 21st century Chez Monet update is historically charming, and newly versatile for modern home renovation.

Where to Use Chez Monet Tiles

The Chez Monet blue and white ceramic tiles are suitable for many interior applications. The tiles are available in the size 6”x6”x3/8″. The traditional blue and white colors look great on bathroom walls. The dynamic yet simple tile patterns add life to residential interior walls. Used for residential low traffic floors, the vintage ceramic tiles add unusual panache underfoot. Most notably, the blue and white tiles for commercial interior walls, in restaurants or cafes, give a cozy feel.

Chez Monet 6x6 Tile

The geometric designs are examples of pattern suitable for many interior styles. The blue tone is lighter than many other examples of blue and white patterned tiling. The colors match the brightness of those decorative tiles in Monet’s own home. It is refreshing to live and work around the coupling of geometric patterns, and these favored colors. The tiles are versatile, offering peace and calm, and life and creativity in one breath. Neither too floral, nor too harsh, the deliberate tile designs are flexible in use. It gives commercial and residential tile installations a touch of exotic history, still celebrated by architects today.

A Few Moments With Chez Monet

Calais – This Country Floors tile pattern is typical of Victorian blue and white tiles. Nine antique tile blooms frame four diamonds. The floral pattern is perfect for a tiled wall in a studio or kitchen with wooden features. The Calais pattern is a great choice of vintage French tiles.

Auvergne – This star patterned tile explodes from the center. The crest is regal, with accents inspired by the petals of the Fleur de Lis. The painted French tiles from Country Floors are a great choice for patterned kitchen tiles.

Dauphine – This white and blue patterned tile is a combination of those above. A blue bloom takes center stage, and leaves follow the line-work like vines. This colorful patterned tile looks wonderful as a blue and white tile bathroom floor.

Loire – This diamond tile pattern features four leaves at the intersections of the line work. The leaves are water lilies, inspired by Monet’s collection of 250 paintings of his garden in the Loire valley. As white and blue kitchen tiles, they look sublime.

Roussillon – This Country Floors blue and white tile is a simple nod to nature. The Roussillon region was a quiet retreat for French artists including Monet. The repeated crosses are not subtle however, and draw the eye to the diagonal. They look gorgeous around a blue and white tile fireplace.

Gascony – The French tile pattern has both French and English royal inspirations. Gascony served as a buffer between England and France in the 12th century. The sword like pattern, inspired by this history, is at the center of the vintage blue and white tile pattern.

Closing Thoughts

Which is your favorite tile from the new Chez Monet collection?

To view the brand new collection of blue and white Chez Monet tiles available from Country Floors click here! If you need any guidance on how and where to use bespoke blue and white tiling in your home or office, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team of expert interior designers, who can offer you invaluable tips and tricks for getting the most out of your tile project.

Chez Monet 6x6 Tile