Terrazzo Collections

Terrazzo Notiva Collection

Terrazzo Notiva

What’s black and white and cool all over? These large, precast terrazzo tiles, 15.75 inches square, form luxe expanse of a timeless material.For fans of the fi ner things, this collection offers a fi eld of petite marble chips in generous, glittering pave across the smooth cementitious body. A fl oor in this tile can set the foundation for interiors from mid-century minimalist to modern industrial, from farmhouse fabulous to boho bold.Suitable for residential or commercial interiors, horizontal or vertical indoor applications including wet areas
Venetian Style Terrazzo Tile Collection

Venetian Style Terrazzo Tile

Our Venetian Style Terrazzo is a beautiful foray into the new terrazzo trend.An agglomerate of marble, granite, quartz and glass it can withstand almost anything that you can do to it. Terrific for high traffic areas in restaurants, offices and public spaces.​