Textura Paver

Across the globe, stone roads from centuries past still exist right where ancient civilizations built them. If you’ve walked on one, you know the awe that ensues. Thus inspired, using a modular pattern from antiquity, and time-honored techniques of acid etching and sandblasting, modern stone artisans have created our Textura Pavers collection of natural marble outdoor flooring. Frost and slip-resistant, they’re stocked in 6 colors of beveled and honed natural stone for the immediate transformation of gardens, pool decks, driveways and outdoor rooms. Or get them to order for 4 – 6 week delivery with an acid etched Textura seal finish for enhanced tone and added stain resistance.

Suitable for exterior horizontal applications, residential and commercial.

Skyline Vein Cut Textured  Marble Pavers 6x12

Skyline Vein Cut Textured Marble Pavers