Travertine is classified as a sedimentary stone and is a part of the limestone family. Very typically found as classic paving, flooring, and architectural elements throughout history. Furthermore,  travertine is a much desired and accepted fixture in the modern marketplace. Country Floors makes a diligent in offering a noteworthy collection of contemporary travertine.   Italy, Turkey, and Peru have the most quarries.  The most popular type is Roman Travertine from Tivoli Rome.  Many monuments in Italy use this stone. Also, the Ivory quarry in Turkey has highly sought after.   Natural crevices in this sedimentary rock are common, and it provides a very rustic stone feel.  These holes can be filled or left natural. This material can be filled and polished, filled and honed, or brushed.   There are two ways of cutting this stone. The cross-cut is cut against the quarry and has circular big open veins. Vein cut is with the river bed, and veins are linear. Vein cut tiles are better with rectangular sizes like 12x24.   Some of the most common sizes are square tiles like 18x18, or 24x24 as well as slabs. Also, mosaics are used by many designers to add character and functionality.  Your shower floors, shower tiles, and backsplashes are ideal for travertine mosaics.   Travertine pavers are the most economical material for outside areas like pool decks, patios, and swimming pools.  Stone pavers can be convenient and economical.  Tumbled pavers are an excellent surface for a nonslippery surface for pool areas.