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The Crossings Collection illustrates the decorative tile making technique of encaustic or inlaid ceramic tiles. As early as the Middle Ages, these tiles were used in historic public buildings and churches throughout Europe, but especially in England. This art form expanded throughout Europe and into North America. A variety of designs from the Victorian, Art Nouveau, Mideast and Eastern cultures and Arts and Crafts style are available to choose from in this collection. Traditional borders and moldings are also available to finish out the installation.

Encaustic tiles are high-fired ceramic clay tiles. The design is pressed or stamped into firm clay and then the indentations are filled with a contrasting color of clay. The design can be made in as few as 2-colors or as many as 6-colors. Customize your design, choosing from 4 colors of clay bodies and 23 colors of inlay (overlay) colors. Each design will be a product of your own creativity. After the tiles have been fired and cooled, a finish is applied to the surface. This stain is used to enhance the “antique” appearance of the tiles.

Crossings tiles are extremely durable and are suitable for indoor and outdoor wall and floor installations; kitchens, bathrooms, showers, fireplace surrounds, wet bars, wine cellars, stair risers, feature walls, entry floors, patio floors. Caution: Use in pool surrounds and fountains in temperate climates only. These tiles are suitable for both residential and commercial projects.

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