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The Country Floors New York facility is located in the legendary Union Square neighborhood of Manhattan. We feature luxury fashion-forward ceramic tile, glass tile, authentic terracotta tile, glazed brick tile, Delft Dutch tile, and much more all under the umbrella of decorative tile. This area is dominated by the pedestrian plaza and park of the same name.


Address15 East 16th Street New York, NY 10003
Phone(212) 627 8300
Fax(332) 777-1374

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Mon – Fri9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
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  • Manhattan Design Color Trends

    If we “have all come to look for America,” then New York is, for many folks, “must see TV.” Our post today is focused on Manhattan Design Color Trends and how they impact real estate decisions.The trend of  the nanosecond is most likely not the [...]

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  • Manhattan Leathered Stone

    Our Manhattan Leathered Stone offers a unique visual by adding the concept of a leathered appearance to a textured natural stone. Let’s get a bit of background.There are essentially three classic stone finishes. Most consumers and design [...]

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  • Manhattan Country Tiles

    Country Floors continues to be an iconic vendor for Manhattan Country Tiles. Since our founding in 1964, we have been dedicated to the concepts of classic style and unsurpassed service.Traditionally, we are known worldwide for product categories [...]

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  • Blue Tiles New York

    Azulejos are a type of  blue tiles that originated on the Iberian Peninsula. This topic is both the genesis and origin of this post: Blue Tiles New York.Any visit to Spain and/or Portugal will  quickly reveal how ubiquitous these delicately ornate [...]

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  • New York Dutch Tiles

    It is certainly apropos, that in an area of the country that was once known as New Amsterdam, New York Dutch Tiles might be a “thing.” Not too long ago the Huffington Post gave us a nice piece to chew on called: “The World of Dutch Tiles.” Let’s toss [...]

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  • Glass Tiles New York

    Manhattan is the center of the world in the view of many. Naturally, many of those folks who think that also happen to live there. What we cannot deny, is that the entire New York Metropolitan Area is a center of commerce and culture with few places to [...]

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  • Manhattan Stone & Tile Trends

    Manhattan Stone & Tile Trends are always a source of great conversation and debate. The sheer speed with which trends come and go in this mega market make it very difficult to sensibly determine what is a long-term cycle versus a mere short-term [...]

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