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Champagne Honed Limestone Tile


Belgian Bluestone Lappato Patinato Limestone Tile


Champagne Honed Limestone Tile


Champagne Honed Limestone Tile


Seashell Cottage Limestone Tile


Champagne Honed Limestone Tile


Champagne Line Textured Limestone Tile


Elite Brun Multi Finish Limestone Tile


Champagne Honed Limestone Tile


Genova Brushed&tumbled Limestone Tile


Champagne Honed Penny Round Limestone Mosaic


Britannia Honed Subway Limestone Tile


Belgium Blue Brushed Chiselled Limestone Tile


Champagne Honed Limestone Tile


Champagne Honed Pencil Liner Limestone Moldings


Britannia Honed Large Herringbone Limestone Mosaic


Alexander Cream Tumbled Limestone Tile


Champagne Honed Hexagon Limestone Mosaic


Thala Gray Honed Penny Round Limestone Mosaic


Champagne Honed Andorra Limestone Moldings


Britannia Honed Limestone Tile


Showing 1–21 of 220 results


Limestone is a classic naturally formed sedimentary stone that has adorned many homes across the world. Limestone tiles are considered a premium material for kitchens, bathrooms, and dining rooms. Both aesthetically beautiful and long-lasting, limestone tiles are popular for interior flooring, kitchen backsplashes, bathroom and shower floors and walls, as well as outdoor patios.

Although limestone tile often gets overlooked, limestone is a very versatile natural stone option for spaces. Home and business owners who seek a design with natural elements will find that limestone offers variety galore. Limestone tile is available in shades of cream, brown, gray, tan, and rustic blends. Limestone has a natural look that many can appreciate.


Limestone tiles can be installed on most walls and floors inside and outside of the home. Limestone tiles can be used on patios, kitchen floors, kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls and floors, pool pavers, outdoor patios, and a plethora of other ways. They can also be installed in wet areas like showers, but they must be properly sealed to safeguard them from moisture.

The main advantages of limestone tiles are their versatility and durability for both interior and exterior applications. As a natural stone, limestone is very long-lasting. As long as you properly maintain your limestone tiles, they will last a long time. They can be installed both indoors and outdoors and will stand up against the elements. Additionally, limestone tile is a great material for keeping homes cool. It is a natural stone that is great at conducting heat, which prevents spaces from feeling too hot.


One major major disadvantage of using limestone is that it is susceptible to staining. If it comes into regular, long-lasting contact with heavy dirt, staining chemicals (dyes, ink, paint, etc), or acidic substances (coffee, lemon juice, wine), it can become discolored. You should be careful to wipe up any spills immediately using natural stone cleaning products.

Another disadvantage of limestone is that it can be worn down from acids present in rainwater over time. It is also more prone to crumbling and erosion than concrete or granite. However, you can still apply limestone tiles outdoors. Some of the most iconic and ancient buildings in the world, like the Pyramids of Giza, are made of limestone.

Limestone tiles can cost anywhere from $3 to $10 dollar per square foot. Limestone tile accents and limestone mosaics tend to be more expensive (as much as $30 per square foot). Nevertheless, compared to other natural stones, limestone tends to be on the lower end of the expense range.

Limestone is a natural stone that is relatively low maintenance compared to marble and granite. However, while it is incredibly hard-wearing, limestone is a softer material than other stones and more porous. Its porosity level makes it prone to staining, so you should be careful about using acidic substances (like coffee, wine, or lemon juice) around limestone tile.

You can maintain limestone flooring with regular sweeping, and mopping with a gentle cleanser and warm water. We recommend using a neutral pH cleaner meant for natural stone. Careful cleaning and protecting the tile will ensure that it lasts and looks its best.

Sealing limestone increases moisture resistance it will hold up wonderfully for years.

Limestone tile will require a sealant just like many other natural stone tiles. Limestone flooring must be sealed to maintain its integrity and protect it from moisture. Sealed limestone tile works fabulously as a floor finish and provides years of beauty and function to both residential and commercial spaces.

Under normal circumstances, limestone floor tile should be resealed every 3 to 5 years to remain in good condition. Flooring with heavy foot traffic should be sealed closer to every three years to prevent wear, staining, and cracking.

Limestone tiles are generally not hard to clean. If you use soft materials, clean water, and limestone-safe cleaning agents your limestone tile will be easily maintained. Limestone tile requires regular sweeping and mopping, but you should not let the water sit on the tile for long.

If something spills on your limestone tile, you want to clean the spill immediately. Wines, paint, dyes, and other liquids should not be allowed to dry on limestone because they can lead to permanent staining. If you are careful about looking after moisture and stains, your limestone flooring will remain like new.

Yes, limestone tiles can be installed in showers, but it has to be specifically manufactured and sealed to be used in high-moisture areas. Not all limestone is processed equally, so you want to ensure with professionals that you have shower-quality limestone tiles before it is installed in your shower.

To maintain your limestone shower tile, you will have to practice proper upkeep and make sure your tile is properly sealed to ensure its quality.

About Limestone Tiles

When stepping onto a limestone tile floor, your mind will immediately evoke sensations of calmness, cleanliness, and minimalism. This sleek, simple natural stone is a staple of interior design for a reason. A sedimentary stone, it's a timeless classic that's sure to seamlessly adapt to any design scheme with its peaceful neutral hues and organic aura.

Although classic limestone has a light beige color, we offer limestone tiles in nearly the entire color spectrum, from dusty reds to leafy greens. These tiles particularly suit organic biophilic design schemes, but they'll also look right at home in minimalist modern spaces. If you're looking for an organically elegant stone to balance out your home decor, limestone is the right choice for you.

Where Can I Install Limestone Tiles?

As a natural stone, limestone looks good almost everywhere. It immediately imbues rooms with a light aura. On the other hand, it requires special care and maintenance to keep it pristine.

As limestone is a porous stone, it requires periodic sealing to ensure it's not prone to staining. Nevertheless, be sure to clean up any spills immediately. Additionally, it's vulnerable to acid damage. Use a neutral natural stone cleaner and avoid common household cleaners like bleach.

Indoor Flooring Applications

Limestone tiles are popular for indoor flooring applications. Their light hues will instantly make a room brighter and larger. It looks incredible on residential or light-traffic commercial floors.

Nevertheless, this natural stone is softer than marble and granite and, therefore, is more prone to chipping and scratching. As a result, we do not recommend limestone tiles for heavy-traffic commercial floors.

As long as you carefully maintain your limestone floors, they will last a long time.

Bathrooms & Showers

Limestone tiles perfectly suit bathroom and shower walls and floors. Their clean aesthetic appeal pairs beautifully with most bathroom and shower room designs.

Keep in mind that natural stone tiles with a polished finish can be slippery when wet, so they may not be suitable for some households with children or elderly inhabitants.

Kitchen Backsplashes & Wall Coverings

Limestone tiles can be a refreshing choice for wall coverings and kitchen backsplashes. Our vast and inventive collection of limestone mosaics proves that limestone is not boring. Even if you keep it simple, it can be an elegant, organic canvas for a space.

Moreover, our innovative waterjet designs allow for unique shapes and patterns. Our Amelia Waterjet, Baba Chic Mosaic, and Taos Waterjet Collections are only three examples of our beautiful limestone mosaic collections.

Outdoor Patios & Poolsides

Limestone tiles can be installed for patio and poolside applications. However, not all of our tiles are suitable for exterior applications. Be sure to contact us or visit one of our showrooms to get a personalized recommendation for your installation by our design experts.