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CERAMIC Where fire, water and earth meet, beauty begins. The heart of Country Floors’ rich heritage lives in the epic beauty of hand crafted decorative ceramics. For 55 years, we’ve always been at play with clay. Explore our many brand new offerings! PORCELAIN The strength of porcelain tile and its impervious nature make it a natural choice for floors and high- traffic areas. Frost, stain and wear resistant, porcelain is a great imposter, posing convincingly as stone, wood and even fabric, it endures where a softer material might perish. UNIQUE MATERIALS Glass, cement and terra cotta have deep roots from antiquity. Glass mosaics sill dazzle in ancient heritage sites globally. Baked-earth terra cotta objects give archaeologists clues to long-vanished cultures. Elaborate encaustic cement predates the industrial revolution. In our collections, all look newer and more exciting than ever. NATURAL STONE In a world obsessed with trending, transitory design memes, the permanence of natural materials feels reassuring. From extravagantly veined to quietly elegant, our expertly sourced stones are transformed by human hands into essential design elements: tile, mosaic and decorative waterjet . FEATURED DESIGNER COLLECTIONS For decades, our relationships and dialogue with design professionals have provided so much inspiration for our decorative lines. Now, Country Floors is working together with some of the most esteemed names in design to create uniquely beautiful signature and designer tile collections.

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Mixing artisanal techniques from antiquity with state-of-the-art technology to produce timeless finishes, Country Floors has been renowned for 55 years in decorative ceramic tile, luxury stone and porcelain, always with thoughtful, expert specification support.