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Chez Monet Ceramic Tile Collection

Country Floors holds a unique place in the modern history of interior design in the United States. A 55-year-old heritage brand, Country Floors is widely considered to have been responsible for the resurgence of America’s interest in hand-crafted tile.


Green Zellige Tile

In the mid-twentieth century, after decades of popular demand for mass-produced, ceramic tile had all but vanished from the category. Thus, design professionals and aficionados alike began clamoring for the artistry, authenticity, timelessness and beauty of the handmade treasures at Country Floors.

The brand became known for offering ultra-rich textures and artful, hand-painted glazes of craft tile from around the globe. Country Floors also developed unparalleled expertise in vetting these products carefully and working hand-in-glove with makers to ensure the quality and consistency required for dependability and longevity in high-end residential and luxury commercial installations.

So influential was our design authority that a cottage industry of American artisan tile emerged and thrived in the late 20th century in large part due to demand created by Country Floors. Top designers came out in droves to our iconic inviting jewel-box showrooms and eagerly devoured its shelter titles’ publication of benchmark projects.


Marble Waterjet Decos

Today, in addition to our own international production and exclusive creative partnerships with leading and emerging global makers, Country Floors also designs and manufactures tiles and mosaics in America.

Materials include ceramic, porcelain, stone, glass, cement and terracotta. By pairing time-honored artisanal techniques from antiquity with state-of-the-art tile technologies, we yield a stunning selection of classic and modern looks. From the highest level of fine décor to value-engineered architectural design projects, Country Floors offers both the materials and thoughtful specification support that provide amazing results.


Patterned Wall Tiles

Thanks to our vertical production capabilities and decades of industry experience, Country Floors launches new collections several times a year through our major market showrooms and dealers.

Growing with fashion trends, but always in the context of a finish that is part of the built environment, each new collection is thoughtfully designed to remain both relevant and elegant for years to come.

In late 2019, we unveiled our very first Designer Collection, created in collaboration with some of the most recognized and esteemed entities in the luxury design world. This logical and meticulously curated next step marked a new era of design leadership for Country Floors. Mirroring the intention of our founders, the ‘new’ Country Floors is poised to become an even more exciting, vital voice than ever before, offering a deep homage to the past in synergy with the emerging ideas, materials and techniques that will drive the future of design.