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Iridescent Shell Tiles

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Mother Of Pearl Polished Scallop Iridescent Shell Mosaic


Mother Of Pearl Polished 1x1 Iridescent Shell Mosaic


Mother Of Pearl Polished 5/8x1 1/4 Herringbone Iridescent Shell Mosaic


Mother Of Pearl Polished 1/2x1/2 Iridescent Shell Mosaic


Mother Of Pearl Polished 3/5x1 Mini Staggered Iridescent Shell Mosaic


About Iridescent Shell Mosaics

Part of our Mother of Pearl Collection, these iridescent shell mosaics have a fantastical glow. These mosaics are made of real pearl that was sustainably sourced using an environmentally friendly license.

Our iridescent shell mosaics are sure to take the breath away of anyone walking into a room. They shimmer in the light, reflecting mesmerizing shades of violet, turquoise, sapphire, and, of course, pearl. As a result, they evoke the ethereal atmosphere of an underwater landscape.

Although these pearl mosaic tiles are sure to be an innovative and trendy addition to any room, they have a surprisingly long history. The usage of shells in mosaics dates back to the 3rd millennium BC in Mesopotamia, where mosaics originated. Artisans crafted this ancient art form using colorful stones, ivory, and shells.

Today, we have taken inspiration from the ancient craft of mosaics to create our iridescent shell mosaic tile collection. Moreover, we added a contemporary twist by offering these pearl mosaic tiles in square, rectangle, herringbone, and scalloped shapes.

Where Can I Install Iridescent Shell Mosaics?

As an iridescent shell is a delicate material, it can only be installed on interior wall applications.

Before purchasing this collection, we recommend consulting one of our sales representatives. Please contact one of our branches or dealers to purchase this item.

Commercial & Residential Interior Walls 

We recommend iridescent shell mosaic tiles for kitchen backsplashes or statement walls for residences or businesses. These pearl mosaics will instantly make a statement in any space.

Bathroom & Shower Walls

Pearl mosaic tiles are suitable for wet area installations and look incredible in bathrooms and showers. Try installing them on bath surrounds or shower walls to create a seascape in your bathroom.

Iridescent Shell Mosaic Design Ideas

Since these mosaic tiles have such a luminous, beautiful glow, it's not difficult to make them look good. However, by carefully selecting how and where to install them, you can maximize their beauty.

Iridescent shell mosaic tiles are perfect for whimsical, maximalist interiors, especially for nature-inspired ocean themes. They'll seamlessly fit into seaside cabins or weekend getaways.

Alternatively, install these pearl mosaic tiles in minimalist, monochromatic white interiors to add a subtle yet provoking accent wall.

We suggest installing these mosaic tiles as accent pieces, particularly for kitchen backsplashes and bath surrounds. They're an easy way to brighten and liven a space with their organic glow.

Lighting Tips 

When selecting the wall for your iridescent shell mosaic tile, be sure that it's a space that will receive a lot of natural light.

To achieve the full shining and shimmering effect of these pearl mosaics, we recommend installing a light directly overhead. Therefore, they'll have the same luminosity at night.

Mix & Match 

For a subtler approach, we suggest interspersing these tiles with our other natural stone or glass mosaics.

For a biophilic design, pair the pearl mosaics with colorful glass tiles, particularly our Oceanside Glass Collection, to create a design right at home on the seaside.

Alternatively, offset them with natural stone like limestone or marble, to create a mixed-media, inventive mosaic.