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Riviera Natural Terracotta Patterns


Rectangle 3/4 Natural Terracotta Tile


Chevron Natural Subway Terracotta Tile


Cotto Med Natural Rail Terracotta Moldings


Picket Satin Terracotta Tile


Square Natural Terracotta Tile


Reclaimed Natural Square Terracotta Tile


Octagon Natural Terracotta Tile


Rectangle Satin Terracotta Tile


Square Satin Terracotta Tile


Arabesque Natural Terracotta Tile


Cross Natural Terracotta Tile


Star Natural Terracotta Tile


Star Natural Terracotta Tile


Ondulato Rosso Matte Terracotta Tile

$15.99 / sq. ft.

Cross Natural Terracotta Tile


San Felipe Natural Terracotta Tile

Size:8 3/4X11 3/4x3/4"

Cotto Med Natural Bar Liner Terracotta Moldings


Cotto Med Natural Cornice Terracotta Moldings


Hexagon Satin Terracotta Tile


Handmade Cotto Light Natural Terracotta Tile


Showing 1–21 of 87 results


Terracotta tiles are an energy-efficient choice for homeowners. During the day, terracotta tile will gently absorb heat. In the evening, when temperatures cool, the tile cools and remains so until the temperatures rise again. Indoor terracotta tile is known to maintain comfortable temperatures due to the shade interior spaces provide.

Terracotta tiles are heat resistant, which makes them a good choice for outdoor installations. They can withstand high temperatures without getting too hot.

Yes, you can install terracotta tiles in bathrooms. Like any other area where a clay-based material is applied, terracotta bathroom floors can withstand years of regular daily use.

It's best to choose sealed terracotta tile for bathrooms to amp up moisture resistance. Keeping terracotta bathroom tiles clean and dry between uses will help the tile last for as long as possible.

Terracotta tile is not waterproof. Unglazed terracotta tile can begin to break down over time from long-term exposure to moisture. If terracotta tiles are glazed, they are more water resistant but still require prompt cleaning if spills occur. Terracotta tiles that are cleaned and kept dry will look and perform amazingly well over the years. Rest assured, you can enjoy your terracotta kitchen flooring with little to no worry as long as your provide consistent care and maintenance.

Terracotta flooring can last as long as 50 years with the proper care. This is especially true for glazed terracotta tile, as unglazed terracotta doesn’t hold up for as long. Choosing terracotta tile that has a high-quality rating, avoiding excessive foot traffic, and regular sealing will maximize the longevity of your tiles.

Terracotta tile is not difficult to maintain. Keeping your terracotta floor tiles clean and dust free will help prevent the sealant from breaking down too quickly. Even with consistent care, we recommend having your terracotta tile flooring resealed every two to three years.

Yes. Terracotta tiles are good choices for flooring. In fact, many homeowners love to use terracotta floor tiles in bathrooms and kitchens. Terracotta living room tile is gaining traction as another popular choice for designers with eclectic tastes.

One thing to keep in mind with terracotta tile flooring is maintenance and upkeep. It's best to seal terracotta floor tile to decrease moisture absorption and reduce the look of wear from walking and furniture placement.

Fortunately, there aren’t many downsides to terracotta tile. One disadvantage of terracotta tile is its level of porosity. Unsealed terracotta tile won't last as long as sealed tiles, so if you like the look of the unsealed tile it may be best to avoid installing them in heavy moisture areas, like showers. Overall, terracotta tiles are beautiful, hardwearing, and unique and with proper care last for years on end.

Aside from their natural composition, terracotta tiles have several other advantages. Terracotta tile is a durable material that also has natural bacteria and mold resistance. Great news for homeowners who wish to have beautiful floors that also function well under heavy use. Outdoor terracotta tiles hold up great in the elements with proper care and maintenance.

Terracotta tile is a very strong clay-based tile that works well in interior and exterior applications. They're durable and long-lasting, so they work well for many types of installations. 

Inside the home, many homeowners and interior designers install terracotta tiles in kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms for both flooring and wall applications. They're incredible for kitchen backsplashes or bathroom flooring installations. 

Terracotta tile is also suitable for exterior spaces. Many homes have terracotta-tiled patios and enclosed porches with terracotta flooring.

Terracotta is a naturally occurring material with a long history. A form of clay, it is fired until it reaches a rich, warm tone that is strikingly unique. It can either have an unfinished, matte finish or a glazed, glossy finish.

Although most people think of pottery when they hear the word terracotta, it has been used in many creative ways. Terracotta tile is sought by homeowners and interior designers who wish to add its signature warmth to spaces. The use of terracotta tile is sure way to add a definitive layer of character to every room in a house.

About Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles have long been a material favored by builders and artisans alike. Traditionally reddish-brown, these tiles are now available in a wide range of colors and designs, from organic rustic to modern minimalist. They look incredible as backsplashes in cozy kitchens or as flooring in a bustling restaurant.

Since 1964, Country Floors and terracotta tiles have been nearly synonymous. Country Floors’ founder, a photographer named Norman Karlson, featured these tiles prominently in the early days of the brand. He understood their value as a timeless classic. Then, and now, terracotta flooring is the ideal neutral design element that can work with bright and bold color combinations, various metals, and woods of all types.

In Latin, terracotta means “baked earth.” Simply, artisans combine refined clay and water, then mold the mixture into the desired shape. They dry the product and fire it in a kiln or elementary oven. This process yields terracotta pots, full statues, figurines, gourds, pipes, and of course, tiles.

Where Can I Install Terracotta Tiles?

We recommend terracotta tiles for flooring installations, both indoors and outdoors. Durable, hard, and long-lasting, they will hold up against both stormy weather and a high-traffic stream of customers. They will not crack, break, or scratch easily. Moreover, they hold anti-bacterial and anti-slip properties. They also insulate heat and sound.

Terracotta also looks incredible on wall coverings and kitchen backsplashes, particularly for rustic and natural interior design schemes.

One disadvantage of terracotta is its porosity. It must be periodically sealed to safeguard against stains and moisture. Therefore, we only suggest glazed terracotta for wet area spaces like showers.

For more terracotta design tips, read our blog post: Modern Terracotta Tile Suggestions to Transform Your Living Room.