Heritage Tiles

Catalina Ceramic Tile Collection

Catalina Ceramic Tile

The Catalina Ceramic Tile Collection is inspired by the great Southern California tile companies of the early 20th century, Batchelder, Catalina, D&M and Malibu Potteries.Designs featuring vibrant Tunisian, Moorish and Spanish-styles as well as molded relief designs in the earthy Craftsman-style are showcased. Decorative Moorish designs in bold colors are highlighted using the technique called “cuerda seca” or resist-line technique in this collection. All designs can be custom made in colors you specify.Borders, trims, murals and rug design installations are included in the collection. These decorative tiles are very versatile. They can be used for both walls and floors as well as in outdoors installations in temperate climates; kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, showers, wainscot applications, fireplace surrounds, wet bars, wine rooms, stair risers, accent floors, entry foyer, pool surrounds, patios, and fountains.
Crossings Ceramic Tile Collection

Crossings Ceramic Tile

Crossings Ceramic Tile Collection deftly fuses the elegance and simplicity of style with the flowing, organic themes of the Victorian, Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts movements.This is achieved by using a technique which dates back to the 12th century. Here, to be found, are many of the basic elements of proper design. Pieces such as pattern, color, texture and shape are tools for the design professional and the discerning homeowner offered by Crossings.This collection is incredibly durable making these tiles suitable for walls, floors and wet areas, in addition for use outdoors. Choose among 4 bisque colors and 22 inlay colors to create your own signature look.
La Brea Moresque Ceramic Tile Collection

La Brea Moresque Ceramic Tile

The La Brea Moresque Collection from Country Floors epitomizes the early 20th century ceramic history of handcrafted tiles in Southern California.This collection features bold, vibrant colors and Tunisian, Moorish and Spanish-style designs. It utilizes a version of the “cuerda seca” or resist-line technique resulting in a softer, more sophisticated painterly look. The glaze is more fluid, adding depth and movement to each design.The tiles have an antiqued semi-gloss finish. These made-to order 6x6” tiles can be produced in the color ways shown or customized in a variety of options. They can be used for all vertical installations and some lightly used floor applications in both residential and commercial projects. Caution: Use in outdoor projects in temperate climates only. These tiles are durable and easy to clean. Use a mild, PH-neutral cleaning solution.Avoid acid based cleaners (vinegar). These can damage the surface leaving it looking dull rather than clean and shiny. The grout joints should be sealed during the initial installation process. Sealing the grout prevents the buildup of mold, dirt, grime, and grease. Periodic cleaning and resealing is recommended.
Maroc Glazed Tile Collection

Maroc Glazed Tile

The Maroc Glazed Tile in the Majolica style from Country Floors features the historical majolica type of tin-glazed earthenware decorated in colorful opaque glazes.These multi-colored designs celebrate the traditions of Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey. This collection is hand made in southern California by a unique community of talented craftsman. Each tile is hand glazed; hand painted; and kiln fired. This collection offers an extensive selection of designs. The brightly colored pattern work illustrates the interlocking curvilinear and geometric designs prevalent in Spanish, Moorish and Arab cultures.Choose from 8 different color ways. These tiles can be used in interior vertical applications; kitchens, backsplashes, bathrooms, feature walls, wainscot applications, fireplace surrounds, and stair risers. Specify a vitreous clay body for exterior vertical applications in temperate climates; patio surrounds, doorframe accents, fountains, and pool surrounds.
Miradouro Portuguese Tile Collection

Miradouro Portuguese Tile

Country Floors is proud to feature the best of decorative Portuguese tile making with our Miradouro Portuguese Tile Collection.These original designs are actually crafted in Portugal. The influence of Arab and Moorish cultures on the tile making craft is illustrated in the interlocking curvilinear, geometric and floral motifs of the traditional blue and white and multi-colored patterns.Decorative 5 ½ x 5 ½” tiles, borders and feature murals are available in this collection. These handcrafted tiles can be used in indoor vertical installations; kitchen backsplash, bathrooms, showers, feature walls, wainscot applications, fireplace surround, wet bars and wine rooms. Use in vertical outdoor installations in temperate climates only. Appropriate for both residential and commercial projects.These hand painted tiles will show size and shade variations. The traditional white color is not a pure white, rather a softer easier shade.
New Ravenna Collection

New Ravenna

Mental images of New Ravenna always linger for those who have visited this Spanish coastal resort town. In the case of those who have not ever been lucky enough to experience this Costa del Sol treasure the images become dreams.Our New Ravenna Decorative Mosaics Collection combine multiple mediums to produce finely rendered design elements worthy of any design plan. As defined by Wikipedia, “A mosaic is a piece of art or image made from the assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials. It is often used in decorative art or as interior decoration.” We will of course bow to the judgment of our clients on our efforts.
Old World Ceramic Tile Collection

Old World Ceramic Tile

The Old World Tile Collection from Country Floors embodies everything its name implies.It is hand crafted using old world techniques, hand painted in soft, painterly designs and finished in a rustic matte texture. Each tile is molded, glazed, stained and painted by hand. Located in Brunswick, Maine, this custom product studio encourages individual creativity in every project.Old world tiles need to be sealed during install per factory recommendation. They recommend miracle sealants 511 porous plus.These tiles are perfect for every room in your home: kitchen back splashes, tub surrounds and shower enclosures, a dining room chair rail, stair risers, a custom touch for a focal point or unique accent to restorations and renovations or new residential and commercial building projects. Use the existing catalogue of motifs, designs and colors or work with Country Floors trained staff and the studio’s artist to create your exclusive style.
Olde English Ceramic Tile Collection

Olde English Ceramic Tile

The Olde English Tile Collection features the decorative tile making technique of encaustic or inlaid ceramic tiles.During the Middle Ages, this technique was used to decorate public buildings and churches throughout Europe, but especially in England. A variety of designs depicting this era are illustrated in this collection. Notice the geometric, heraldic, Fleur-di-lis, cross, and acanthus leaf motifs. Traditional borders and moldings are also available to complete the collection.Encaustic tiles are high-fired ceramic clay tiles. The design is pressed or stamped into firm clay and then the indentations are filled with a contrasting color of clay(s). The design can be made in as few as 2-colors or as many as 6-colors. Customize your design, choosing from 4 colors of clay bodies and 23 colors of inlay (overlay) colors. Each design will be a product of your own creativity.After the tiles have been fired and cooled, a finish is applied to the surface. This stain is used to enhance the “antique” appearance of the tiles. Olde English tiles are extremely durable and are suitable for indoor and outdoor wall and floor installations; kitchens, bathrooms, showers, fireplace surrounds, wet bars, wine cellars, stair risers, feature walls, entry foyer, patio floors. Caution: Use in pool surrounds and fountains in temperate climates only. These tiles are suitable for both residential and commercial projects
Pedralbes Terracotta Tile Collection

Pedralbes Terracotta Tile

Country Floors is proud to make available to the discerning design market our Pedralbes Terracotta Tile Collection.This wonderful material is inspired by the beautiful terra cotta floors that are a part of the Monastery at Pedralbes, a 14th century landmark in Barcelona. Each tile is made according to centuries old traditional methods with carefully selected clays to ensure an incredibly reliable, high quality terra cotta.Choose between a supple pre-waxed finish or rustic matte finish. Available in two standard colors and 10 special colors with countless size and pattern options. There comes a time in the design process where the project shouts out for the unique. Classic old world terracotta, such as the Pedralbes Collection, will quiet things down with sheer elegance and beauty.
Royal Delft Tile Collection

Royal Delft Tile

Country Floors is proud to feature this prestigious, 400 year old Dutch company in their line-up of distinguished tile makers. The Royal Makkum Delft Tile Collection epitomizes the grand tradition of Delft blue tiles.Using traditional materials and techniques of tile making, these authentic hand painted designs in traditional blue and white and polychrome colors exemplify delftware ceramics. Choose from specific historic design categories; within each category select from 16 different designs.These handcrafted tiles are available in blue, sepia or polychrome painting, traditional “frost” or pure white backgrounds, with or without corner design detail and crackle or no crackle finishes. Solid field tiles in 5x5” and 4x4”, decorative Blanc (with corner detail) tiles in 5x5” and 4x4”, borders, murals and moldings are also available.This collection can be used in interior vertical installations; kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, fireplace surrounds, feature walls, wainscot applications, wet bars and wine rooms.
Stellar Ceramic Collection

Stellar Ceramic

Much as the name implies, our Stellar Ceramic Tiles Collection brings a solid and even stellar approach to the ceramic tile  art form.Happily produced in the U.S.A, this product is handcrafted in over 100 color ways that are sure to ignite a creative fire in our clients and friends.There are very few design elements that contribute to a more colorful and visual focal point  than ceramic tile. That said, our Stellar Collection will not disappoint.