Heritage Tiles

About Heritage Tiles

Our Heritage Tile Collection includes handmade tiles carefully crafted by artisans in California and the West coast. These artisans draw upon rich tilemaking traditions around the world, from the strong contrasting Celtic designs of medieval England to the twisting Arabesque patterns of ancient Morocco. In doing so, they preserve the incredible customs and heritage of historic antique tilemaking that have persisted for thousands of years.

The ceramic bodies and glazes are mostly custom and handmade. Each tilemaker has their own formulas and traditions, delicately crafting each collection with their own unique signature.

How Are Heritage Tiles Made?

The tiles from this collection are made using two traditional methods:

  • Wet Clay: The wet clay is dried for several days and then shaped into the desired tile. It’s a labor-intensive process, as the artisans must fire the tile twice.
  • Dry clay: Craftsmen receive pre-dried clay and then mold it into the desired shape.  This process is easier and quicker. However, it limits the sizes and shapes of the tile.

Most heritage tile makers use old Scott electric kilns. These kilns have small capacity but produce unique and beautiful tiles. Each kiln has no more than 30 square feet of space.