Glazed Terracotta Collections

Antique Tile Collection

Antique Tile

The Country Floors Antique Tile Collection continues the long cultural tradition of applying the decorative element of glaze to a clay body.The carefully created patterns in this collection offer any design team the opportunity to make a timeless comment in any space.Terracotta, can be very easily defined as “baked earth”, is a clay based ceramic, and has a history dating back centuries, as previously noted. The typical uses over time have included tiles, mosaics, potteries of all types, roof tiles, drainage pipes and more. The body is usually relatively porous and may have been literally baked in the sun or fired in a kiln.
Antiqued Mallorca Collection

Antiqued Mallorca

Antiqued Mallorca Collection is an artistic interpretation of the famous “Lenguas Mallorquinas” fabrics. Crafted by Spanish textile weavers and perfected by French artisans since the mid-1800s.This beautiful collection delivers six exciting patterns, featuring a sun-bathed vintage linen look and a cool indigo wash. This collection is produced on our own 6x6 terracotta tiles and is suitable for any interior wall applications.
Fes Terracotta Collection

Fes Terracotta

The FES terracotta collection awaits you for colorful spaces with our elegant handmade terracotta ceramics. Here, tradition dances with art to create a unique combination of beauty and function.In addition to simple colors, our colorful handmade terracotta ceramics are not just objects; they are a celebration of the raw beauty found in the imperfect.The Fes terracotta collection is handmade tiles in the zellige style. the products are hand pressed and glazed and may vary in size, thickness, glaze color and texture from tile to tile.Elevate your space with the timeless charm of our handmade terracotta ceramics, a perfect fusion of tradition, art and sustainability with the FES terracotta collection, where every purchase tells a story and every piece becomes a treasured part of your life.   
Forte Brick Studio Collection

Forte Brick Studio

We never tire of creating new iterations of this authentic, substantial, original form of baked earth.Forte Brick is a tile that's sophisticated yet feels grounded, combining the sleek and the tactile, the cool and the casual, the urban and the agrarian.In a just-right proportion of 2 1/4"x7 7/8"x3/8" these terra cotta tiles gleam with a high-gloss glaze, perfectly tempered by dynamic mottled colorations that we've kept close to nature. An almost imperceptibly undulating flat surface that's just right for classic, country or contemporary interiors.
Lichens Collection


Majesty Terracotta Collection

Majesty Terracotta

Introducing the Majesty Collection – a celebration of classic craftsmanship and enduring beauty in terra cotta tiles. With a glazed finish that exudes warmth and character, our 6” tiles capture the essence of timeless elegance.Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of art and architecture throughout history, each tile in this collection pays homage to the traditions of the past while seamlessly integrating with contemporary spaces. Transform your surroundings with the Majesty Collection, where heritage meets innovation, creating spaces that resonate with timeless charm and sophistication.
Made In North America New Chelsea Brick Collection

New Chelsea Brick

Today, Chelsea is characterized as one of the most eclectic and stylish neighborhoods in New York City.Past and present, its renaissance has been distinguished by incredible Architecture, famous resident Artists, along with notable Restaurants and Gallery’s that are unabashedly individualistic. Our New Chelsea Glazed Brick Collection is a denizen of this space also. Brick as building material has been used, through out history, to create walls, paving and other aspects of masonry. Typically, the word  brick referred to a unit composed of clay.However, today it may be used anecdotally to indicate rectangular items set in mortar. As such, brick can be composed of clay-bearing soil, sand, and lime, or concrete materials. The diversity of our New Chelsea Glazed Brick Collection will appeal to anyone’s innate desire to express themselves personally. Ease take a look at a few complementary collections in terracotta.
Seine Terracotta Collection

Seine Terracotta

Walk along rustic Mediterranean paths with the Seine Terracotta Collection. Inspired by the antique tile designs and motifs found throughout the south of France, these terracotta tiles add an artisanal charm to interiors. Consisting of six unique tile patterns, the color story of this collection is neutral earthy tones that suit organic modern style spaces. Their natural terracotta edges create a handmade look that is ideal in more natural interiors. Install the Seine Terracotta Collection can be installed on interior walls and floors, including wet areas.
Temple Glazed Brick Collection

Temple Glazed Brick

Thousands of years steeped in tradition have influenced the Zen of Japan’s architectural and interior culture. Add some peaceful simplicity to yours with our Temple Glazed Brick Collection that takes inspiration from centuries-old Japanese Raku Pottery.Brick as building material has been used, through out history, to create walls, paving and other aspects of masonry. Typically, the word  brick referred to a unit composed of clay.However, today it may be used anecdotally to indicate rectangular items set in mortar. As such, brick can be composed of clay-bearing soil, sand, and lime, or concrete materials. Our artisans have layered in western innovation to deliver a gorgeous palette of brick tiles, each one delivering unique characteristics in glaze and surface variation.The Temple Brick Collection is designed to be used in interior residential or commercial applications, and is a custom order item.This is a Marble Systems product offering.Temple Brick is made out of 18.5% recycled materials.Please take a look at a few complementary collections in terracotta. These include: Reclaimed Terracotta, Cotto Med Terracotta Tile, Cotto Mielo Terracotta Tile, and Pedralbes Terracotta.
Traces Collection


Embrace the natural luxury of the Traces Terra Cotta Collection. Consisting of glazed terra cotta tiles, mosaics, and trims in five distinct, carefully crafted designs, this collection defines organic modern interior design. Its minimalist, soothing colors are inspired by the subtle tones of white, beige, brown, and blue that saturate the Greek islands of the Mediterranean. The exquisite glazed finish of these tiles offers a handmade, artisanal look that makes spaces feel welcoming and authentic. Transform your space into a refined yet rustic interior with terra cotta tiles. The collection is suitable for interior wall and flooring installations, including wet spaces.