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La Brea Moresque

The La Brea Moresque Collection from Country Floors epitomizes the early 20th century ceramic history of handcrafted tiles in South California. This collection features bold, vibrant colors and Tunisian, Moorish and Spanish-style designs. It utilizes a version of the “cuerda seca” or resist-line technique resulting in a softer, more sophisticated painterly look. The glaze is more fluid, adding depth and movement to each design. The tiles have an antiqued semi-gloss finish.

These made-to order 6x6” tiles can be produced in the color ways shown or customized in a variety of options. They can be used for all vertical installations and some lightly used floor applications in both residential and commercial projects. Caution: Use in outdoor projects in temperate climates only.

These tiles are durable and easy to clean. Use a mild, PH-neutral cleaning solution. Avoid acid based cleaners (vinegar). These can damage the surface leaving it looking dull rather than clean and shiny. The grout joints should be sealed during the initial installation process. Sealing the grout prevents the buildup of mold, dirt, grime, and grease. Periodic cleaning and resealing is recommended.

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